Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Not ...

I'm not a skippy, peppy person however, I do love positive attitudes and manners. I'm not claustrophobic but if I'm in a tight space and people are blocking my exit my craziness kicks in and things get ugly, super quick.

So when I was mowing my lawn. I went down the path between the fences. I tell my neighbor, "Yeah I mowed between our fences." She asks, "Oh yeah, how far did you get?" My answer, "Not sure, I stopped as soon as I started feeling there was no escape."

I wouldn't feel like this either if someone "Ahem" meaning the people who live behind me wouldn't let their backyard look like a freaking rain forest exploded inside there. They've got weeds (HUGE) ones growing all over the place and over top their fence, which magically connects between mine and my neighbor next door to me. So yes we feel like the weeds are going to attack us back there. And whenever I mow I feel there is no exit except for the one behind me.

But this got me wondering, is this how some writers feel when they get writers block. Like there is no exits. No way to just escape the massive walls closing in on them. If so how do you solve this without going ballistic? Obviously you wouldn't want to throw punches at your computer screen or anything but how would one break through?


  1. Ooh, good comparison to writer's block. Sure. Life's worries, ponderings, and activities have to weed up our creativity. Geesh, I really like to think of it this way. I'll have to find a writerly weed-wacker!

  2. lololol I dont have much to say!! haha

  3. Bravo, Roza M. Love your blog and your family.
    I'm new to your blog. I'm building my social media platform and would like to include you. I'm joining your blog and will look to see if you have an author page to like and join with you on google+.
    Congratulations on all your success. I write YA, too, so far only short stories. Please visit me at