Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm just not sure

First off, I'm so not happy with They took away my wonderful playlist. Grr! They changed it up to some radio thing. Yeah not that I don't love radio, oh wait, nope nope I actually don't. I love my unlimited musical playlist that sits happily in one of my cup holders. It doesn't interrupt me with DJ's telling me about some celeb news. Or commercials about weight loss products. I don't want to listen to that while I'm driving. I want music. Just like when I'm writing I want MUSIC not the sounds of commercials. But moving on from my playlist, and onto another thing I'm not even remotely sure about. Reading, Writing, and do you feel like sometimes characters all end up saying and doing the same thing one way or another? I was currently working on my rewrite of Runawys which I've got up to 11k finished. I'm so excited about it. Really, I think it just needed me to step back and retackle with fresh eyes. How long exactly was this step backwards? close to three years. I know, I know, that's a long ass time. But the beginning and follow through with one of the characters motives was NOT sitting right with me. It was ... lost. I couldn't dig through all the slush and pull it out. So, I wrote other things. Bloodshed Fires (still a wip, that's almost finished) Shedding Secrets (Needs a total rewrite and a lot more emotions added) Spoken, Currently working on sequel not sure what I'm going to call it. Point is, I've been keeping myself busy not dwelling or worrying about the work. I knew it would eventually come back. But again, I find myself stumbling upon that question. Do Characters all end up saying or doing the same thing one way or another? I recently seen in books I've been reading the male leads either chase after a girl, or charm the pants off of her, or automatically push her away. And for me, I want my characters to not like each other. I want them to assume terrible things about each other and use that as leverage of not being near them. Or even trying to get to know them. That's what I want. And of course something will change, one will either save the other, or help them in some way and then things will click. They'll begin rethinking things. I don't want my characters to talk the same either. Does this make any sense? Like I don't want the boy to be all charming and dripping sweet like a gentleman from the deep south, or from back in Victorian era, where men said things like Oh are you cold? And hands a girl his jacket. Or oh, let me get the door for you. Now, yes, there is boys still like this, I know that, I dated two when I was 17 and 18. Still, two out of fifteen isn't many. So I want the guys to be genuine. Real. I think that's why I love the mortal Instrument characters, Jace can be such an ass at times and sweet to Clary. But only when the moment is needed. Other times he comes off as well, i said the truth, you can take it as is and that's that. He's not there to win friends. And the reader knows this, but we're drawn to him because he's well, honest to a fault. What characters interest you?

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