Sunday, October 12, 2014

Interview with Sky and Caleb from RIVAL LOVE

Book Info:

Publisher: Swoon Romance

Release Date: 8/26/14

Series: Rivals

Book #1

Question for Skylar

Tell me what is RIVAL LOVE?
Well, it’s about me, Skylar Fletcher. I’m a proud Harris Academy Bulldog! I have everything a girl could want: a perfect boyfriend, great friends, and my dream college is waiting for me in the fall. Well … that’s until my mom decides it’s time to move and drags me off into Bobcat territory.
At Delmont High, home of the Bobcats, I have no friends and often bullied. To make matters worse my home life blows thanks to all-star quarterback Caleb Morgan, nephew of my mom’s live-in boyfriend.
Caleb and I can’t stand each other from the start. But he’s hot. Like really hot, and he has his moments where he can be super sweet. But can a Bulldog and a Bobcat be anything other than enemies? And is Caleb and I willing to risk everything to find out?
I don’t know, you’ll have to go read it and see.

Question for Caleb
When Skylar moves in how do you feel?
At first? I hate it. I can’t have parties anymore. Can’t have my friends over on the weekends to just chill because enemy #1is living in my uncle’s house with us. But now … it’s great. She makes me laugh, pushes me to be better, and she knows how to hold her ground.

This question is for both of you
Are you two glad about the move?
Now, yes, I mean … I found out a lot about myself.- Sky
Me too. I can honestly say my skills have improved due to someone telling me where my quarterback skills were lacking. (winks at Skylar) But most of all, I can say we both grew from this.- Caleb
Yes, especially me. My ideas and plans or the things I had set as ideas and plans did change but only a little. And I guess I needed to see that the surface or things I thought defined me doesn’t.- Sky

Is there any songs you two love?
Yes!- they both answer.
I love Lost in the Echo by Linkin Park. That’s my Jam. –Skylar
If you run by You Me at Six-Caleb
This isn’t goodbye by Train- Skylar
Sorrow by The National- Caleb
Bubble Games by Magic Bronson – They say together.

What do you two think about your author?
Natalie is amazing.-Skylar
Eh, she’s alright. Kind of crazy.-Caleb
What? No, she isn’t. She’s really funny and nice.- Skylar
Kidding. She’s cool. Girl likes football. Used to swim and play softball like Sky here. And she bakes a hella batch of cookies.-Caleb
Gotta crush you need to confess, Caleb?-Skylar
No.- Caleb
Uh huh. He just likes her cookies.-Skylar

Well, who doesn’t like cookies? And don’t try to act all cute and innocent over there. You ate more than I did.-Caleb

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