Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Oh for the ...

HA! I wrote this post. Thought it saved. Turned out only a sentence saved. Everything else was lost. UGH.

Okay restarting: I apologize for being away for so long. Here is the latest updates.

Rival Dreams is in Editorial YAY!

Runaways is Finished and with my Agent! (Double Yay!)

Current writing projects: Scandal Life, My Summer of Boys, and Things We Shouldn't Do.

Scandal Life- On pace to be finished in June

My Summer of Boys- On pace to be finished in September

Things We Shouldn't Do- On pace to be finished in December

This is my crazy writing schedule. Outline. It's wonderful. I never use to before but now it comes easier when I do.

That's all my writing updates. Now, let me talk about on the personal front. I'm excited about my trip to NYC this year. BEA and BookCon is going to be great! I hope to have Scandal Life finished before my trip, but it probably won't be so ... that's why I say June for that one. :)

Happy reading and writing!

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