Wednesday, February 17, 2016

And things just got creepy

Riddle me this, why can we not thank people anymore without the conversation to turn creepy? What kind of things make a conversation creepy? Here's one:

Person says "Mornin. I'm a new fan."
As an author I think this is awesome. So this is my typical response: "Thank you :) "
Now, please tell me if this is weird? All I did was thank the person. Because I'm really grateful for all my friends. What I'm not cool with is what happens next.
Person asks, "And your only 17?"

I realize not everyone is a super grammar snob in which I'm not cause I can over look the fact they use the wrong you're. My problem is the fact this person is asking about my age. Why would you want to know if I was ONLY 17? But to solve this question is No, I'm not 17 and haven't been for a while. This however makes me think of the worst in a person. Like the creepy people I protect my kids from.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm ranting here but I have to. I want to thank fans. I want to enjoy messages from fans not flag, or keep people from me. But I must protect my family and friends. Am I wrong here?

How would you deal?


  1. All people are awkward on some level, no matter how well we appear to handle it. I always default to a professional/cordial kind of conversation and throw in smatterings of cheese. *shrugs* It works for me.

    1. It just felt so pedophile like which really freaked me out because I have kids.

    2. Completely understandable. Sometimes you do just get a vibe from people.