Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Player

I got a new list of songs up. Hope you enjoy the playlist. I am working through a slew of edits. Here is a sample of the Spoken...


I wake to the kiss of a blade against my throat. My heartbeat roars in my ears, while panic courses through my veins. I know, I should scream, but fear constricts my voice. The mattress will not let my body sink any lower.
     Sweat beads across my forehead as Greyson says in a ragged voice, “I…I’m sorry, Princess Calla. It’s me or you.”
      I blink, and a lonely tear slips down my cheek. I tremble beneath the weight of his azure gaze. This can’t be happening. Just yesterday, those eyes had crinkled with laughter when I’d crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out at dinner while Devon’s parents were talking about their latest renovations. “Greyson, please . . .”
     The steel bites into my throat, and I choke back a sob as hot liquid trickles down my neck. There’s nothing I can do, but wait for the inevitable. My breath hitches. Any second, Greyson will kill me. This is it.
     He squeezes his eyes shut. The blade trembles against my skin, and I don’t dare interrupt whatever thoughts are keeping him from slicing my throat. But I can’t stop the tears continuing to spill. Please don’t let him do this.  


  1. Love the excerpt, of course :)

  2. And by the way, LOVE the new playlist. At work right now, and listening to it!

  3. YAY! I think it will do good for a few more weeks. =)