Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh yeah!

I love my BEST FRIEND! I ain't gonna lie he's so awesome! Anyways, our relationship is kind of long, and at times a little dangerous cause he makes me mad. Sometimes. He's mostly right, on a lot of things and as we all know it's never fun to be wrong, is it? So today when he messages me:

"So I have some thing to tell you and it's kind of painful."
First reaction- Oh my God he's dying of something! But I never let on that I'm like freaking out so my response: "Oh, okay...what is it?"
"You were right."
my reaction- Huh? What's painful about that? Oh...Duh. He's always right and this is hard to admit fault HAHAHA.
"Oh. What about?" (Totally gloating)
"Carolina Breather. I saw them, and you know how I said Meh on the song. Well it turns out I was wrong it was Awesome. So... you were right."
-Love ya Man!-

So I kind of want to explore this, and ask when is a writer wrong?
**A scene isn't working for the reader**
You want to argue call them every name in the book and then some, but maybe the reader has a point. Read the scene. Not as a writer but as un-bias as possible. It's super hard I know but just try. How is it coming across? What do you think the reader is trying to tell you? Is the character's actions changing? Did you give any kind of hint for the change? Is the language off? It can be a million different things, but try to figure it out. Highlight it and come back to it. 

I had a similar situation, people weren't in love with my characters at first the story was rushed and I was blind to it. It happens. It happens to everyone. Point is when you notice it, you can make the mend or keep ignoring. Simple as that. 

So go on give me some other examples when you feel a writer might be wrong?
Happy Writing

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  1. Scary opening, but great ending. The first step is knowing you have a problem.