Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So now begins the painful thing I like to call waiting. AGGGGGH!

Kidding. No, really I mean it. Don't wait, use this time to write. Clean. Do whatever. 

Did I always do this? Um, no. Past me, old me had no patience. This didn't mean I bugged or emailed each agent/publisher that had my work a million times a day. Nope, I just did things to make myself a little batty, like checked my email. Refreshed the page a thousand times. Played the Oh god, did they get it? Wonder if they got it? Shit I probably sent it wrong. Oh man, did I send it wrong? 

So, how the heck did I stop myself from going completely wacko? Easy, I got busy. I outlined. Wrote. Cleaned. Organized. Seriously, those days when you say, "I can't find shit in this place!" this is your time to make it more accessible. 

So how do you keep your waiting madness at bay?