Sunday, October 21, 2012

Page 295

I am on page 295 of my MS is 320 pages. Soooo close to being done. Phew.

Final read is coming out well. Yay.

Enough about my edits though let's talk about something else. I'd like to talk about Stonewalling.

No one, I mean no one should start stonewalling.

Some of us will eventually do this though. There will come a time you'll believe you know everything. You'll refuse to listen to the advice given to you. Why? Because this person either sounds crazy, is an unagented writer, or has no publishing experience whatsoever. Now, granted I'm not saying follow everyone's advice. I'm saying listen, then judge.

A stonewaller will stop listening and pull a deaf ear on anything that isn't what they want to hear. What's this person know anyways? Well, this person might not have a good writing career for themselves just yet, but they are still thirsty for knowledge. They read lots and lots of books. They know what's working and what isn't. Point is, you can't stonewall, if you do you're hurting yourself in the end.

Happy writing

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