Saturday, December 8, 2012

Check up :/ with a side of awkward!

Do you know why I loathe going to doctors offices? It's not just the fact I think I'm going to catch someone's cold, or the odd feeling that comes over me while being in there. Or the stares of discomfort, that make you have a case of the willies. No, it's the people that freak me out in general.

It's not that I'm anti-social but if you're a complete stranger that 9/10 chances I'm never seeing again, I'm not going to tun into a chatterbox and tell you my life's story. No. I'm going to keep to myself, and play scrabble on my phone or angry birds until they call my name. That's how I am.

So why is it I always end up sitting near or next to a chatty cathy that won't stop talking? I don't know but it's my curse. And yes, the woman I'm about to tell you all about is one of them. Going in for my annual check-up take a seat which is available. No one is around me. Then in walks this woman. She's middle aged, gray hairs slightly showing against her browns. Now she could have sat next to an elderly man, or next to cheap cigar smelling dude, but no she sits right beside me. Next thing I know she starts talking. rambling on and on about why she's there, how nervous she was, and she hoped everything was fine and they could take care of her peeing problems.

I don't know who she's telling this stuff too, hell, I don't even know this woman's name. I assumed she was talking openly to the receptionist. I didn't know she was talking to me until she gets all quiet and then asks, "So what are you in for?" Like we were cell mates in prison. I lift my head up and notice old man is reading a paper and cigar smelling dude is playing with his video game, and a new mother is sitting beside her that I must of missed come in cause I was busy playing scrabble.

Instead of answering this woman, I pretend I was deaf, and all into my game. Judge me. I'm pretty certain she did. Especially when the nurse called my name to come back. Hey, I can't help it she thought we were sitting around a campfire and she mistook the whole "Tis the season for sharing" literally.

However, this woman is an excellent form of a nosey neighbor, which I don't actually have where I live. In fact the only neighbor I have that's slightly odd or annoying is the one who thinks he's the next Dave Letterman. When I moved in, Dude across the street said, "Do you know what the newbie's on the block have to do?" I shook my head thinking there was some sort of crazy neighborhood meeting or something. He answers, "You gotta return all the neighbors trash cans to their house." I rolled my eyes and said, "Yeah good luck with that!" and walked back to my house with my own trash cans.

In my lastest wip, I have a nosey neighbor and that crazy woman in the waiting room actually helped flesh out my character a little more.


  1. Good. let nothing go to waste. My husband thinks I collect these types, too. But I don't always mind so much. funny story.

  2. I know those types of people. I try to pick a chair far away from people in those situations too. Sometimes bringing a book and trying to hide behind it doesn't work.