Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mood Matchers

Remember Mood Rings? Whatever the color was that was apparently your mood? Your story, your characters are individual Mood Rings. Emotion is important for a reader to become compelled, and want to keep turning the pages. 

Emotion: what is it?

Dictionary: Any agitation of mind; feeling

Writing: Characters feeling. Reactions toward the situation.

Where a writer trips up on expressing emotion: They tell it instead of show it.

Show me fears: Shakes, racing heart, panic, sweat, chewing of lips, biting nails.

Show me sadness: twisted stomach, hard sobs, tears, aching eye sockets, loss of appetite.

These are some of the examples. Make your story strong by expressing the emotion. So what kind of examples can you give that shows emotion?


  1. I remember the mood rings. I loved 'em. In fact they still make me feel all warm and tingly, sort of like having your first sip of hot cocoa when you come in from sledding on a freezing cold snow day.

  2. Hello :D love your blog :D I used to. Love mood rings …mine would always go purple to indicate love or excitement, as when your heart leaps for joy, butterflies are dancing in your tummy when the boy you love smiles back at you, lighting up your world like the first beam of sunlight breaking through the clouds of doubt , and you know, you just know, for the first time, that he loves you too. As his eyes shine into your soul ,.as the first star twinkles im the dark stormy night of your life,.you rush, you soar, your spirit flies, leaving you breathless, free, like the sky lark, riding high on the currents ends. He takes your hand , he strokes your hair, no air, as you gasp, breathless. You could die, but no need , as he kisses you, you're already there, heaven. The angels sing as you dance forever, safe, warm, in the arms of the love of your life. You open your eyes, you're alone, on the hill, in the dark sky consumes you as you cry, at the foot of his grave, he's gone , forever. You're heart breaks, your soul aches, you want to fly so bad, at the edge of the world , you jump, you fly, falling like a sinking stone deep into the ocean where the world ends. The waves they break , dashing, crashing you against the jagged rocks, you gasp as the icy water engulfs you, you can't breathe,you gulp up the salty water. Your last glimpse of the stars in the night sky, your soul cracks and slowly breaks, as you say goodbye, to life. You give up, the light inside goes out llike a candle in the rain. You die. Open your eyes, there he is standing over you, smiling. You reach out, bursting with love, he pulls you up as your spirit rejoices, music rings out with the vibrations of your heart, golden glistening tears fall, as you swirl, turn, beautiful voices of the seraphim filling the air,as you smile and laugh, dancing in the arms of the man you love , forever, in heavenly grace, beaming at his glowing soul, no longer broken, all fear is gone, youre pure, you're whole. You're where you belong, In heaven, together, forever so free, shining, as stars so bright , radiant light permates your heart, your Souls merge and you fly one more time, as one glowing, burning ball of light, past the moon, and the purest deepest love radiates through the blackest darkness of the night. Together we fly on a shooting star, into oblivion, we burn with truest love, we combust into a million peices, a thousand stars, we scatter across the galaxy, and the sky lights up, were gone, back to dust. And a new star is born. Twinkling, glowing, burning brightly for all eternity, our love. A new hope, an everlasting memory of me and you. The love of my life.