Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Here! It's Here!

Yay! My debut novel SPOKEN is here.

A little bit about Spoken:

Princess Calla Everfield has many secrets: a secret crush on the servant Greyson, having no desire to marry Prince Devon, but her biggest secret is the magic she does in the west tower with her governess, Lady Destiny. Magic is forbidden in the land of Hillshire, and princess or not if Calla is caught tangled up with such evil, her punishment will be death. When Greyson threatens her life, she thinks he's discovered her secrets.

Greyson has always followed orders. Even the ones he's questioned like his father sending him to the mortals world to befriend a princess. And then being told if such a time comes when Lady Destiny tries to strip the princess of her powers, he must kill the princess. When the plan to kill Calla fails he decides to whisk her away to his magical kingdom, Spalden. And now, he finds himself going against his father's wishes again when he falls for Calla, instead of Isadora the intended bride he's to marry.

While Calla learns how to hone her power, Lady Destiny begins to steal dark energy and eventually lures the princess back to Hillshire. In order for Calla to save herself and everyone she cares about from Lady Destiny's wrath, she must make a choice. If she gives up her magic she'll never see Greyson again since her father has a bounty out on him. However keeping the magic means she'll have to kill her mentor, and leave her family behind forever, since magic isn't accepted in her world.

TEASER for SPOKEN is here.

Since this is my Book Birthday, I going to giveaway four copies of Spoken away.

If you want a copy, Place a comment below about one of your favorite things in a story?

Spread the word!

Happy Reading.


  1. Wow, that's awesome! Congratulations!

  2. One of my favorite things in a story is character development. I love to see a character evolve from very humble beginnings and unimaginable obstacles into someone who perseveres over those trials. :D

    Congrats on the publishing!

  3. Im so happy for you! Congratulations! My favorite part is knowing a characters heart, thoughts, and soul.

  4. That looks so awesome, it sunds reall suspenseful and exciting!!! I love your blog too! Come check out my blog sometime!~

  5. Thanks!! Following you now!

  6. A well-executed character arc that results in either retribution, vindication, or understanding.

    Joe @ The Degenerate

  7. Congratulations! Happy book birthday!

  8. Happy book birthday. My favorite part of a book is being surprised. :)