Monday, February 4, 2013

Twist of Fate

My dear friend and awesome CP Kelly Mooney just released her fourth novel called Twist Of Fate. I read this version from it's beginning stages and then the revised one. It's a really cute story.

Ben Hart doesn’t do love. He’d been there, done that. The two times he’d chanced it, they’d both broken his heart. He has everything a Junior studying at The University of Arizona could want; a great fraternity house to live in, his best friend as a roommate, and more girls then he knows what to do with. Life is good. Even perfect at times, until the one girl from his past, walks back into this life, changing everything.

Paige Pearce has one goal - to get as far away from her old college as possible, desperate to forget the one night that should never have happened. Attending school with her older cousin Tommy 3,000 miles away, seems like the safest place to begin a new life. However she doesn’t bank on being drawn to the one boy she left behind years ago, and who just might be able to help save her, if she’ll let him.

This is a new adult book. Intended for audiences 17+

Happy Reading.

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  1. Looking forward to reading it. I enjoy your writeups. Just the right amount of info. Thanks, peace,