Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Crazy week!

I've had the craziest week so far. In order to tell you about it I must go back to Thursday May 16th. My daughter's b-day is Friday May 17th so I was up all night making cupcakes for her class. I've never made cupcakes before FYI. However they turned out amazingly awesome. YAY! Friday I get most of my work done, then I'm off to the store getting b-day presents. So far everything is fine just super busy. So after the birthday party which lasted from Friday to Sunday, I was ready for Monday which is never like me. Monday's and I are like AHHH!

Monday rolls around and my daughter says she's not feeling so hot. Turns out she's got the flu. Ewww. I just got my house all put back into order too, so yeah this was like an AWWW MAN. Not only do I feel bad for her I keep thinking about all the recleaning of every surface I've got to do. And apart of me was cringing whenever I saw her touch anything. By Tuesday I thought this would go away but it didn't. She's still horribly sick.

Wednesday comes, and she's feeling remarkably better. I think OH THANK GOODNESS I can reclean. But that bubble was popped about hour later when the school calls and tells me I need to come collect my daughter. So, I do this. by the way the conversation on the phone was, "Her temp is a hundred and five." I thinking OMG my kid is freaking dying! Nurse apparently can't actually read the temp correctly because the slip in her hand says 100.5 but no matters I am taking her to doctor office.

I spent six hours between doc office/ xrays/ and back to doctor office, and the best they can come up with is that she's got a bad case of a stomach virus. Awesome. The whole time I thought they were going to tell me it was puberty which I'm so thankful its not that. But I'm sad she can't take any meds because it viral. Poor thing.

So for the most part of today I've been playing catch up, cleaning, and after this blog post I will reading, and gathering up all my things for BEA. In the mist of all my running around, errands and taking caring of my children, I did some querying. And do You know what?? I got a full request wahoo!! I am so excited about it, I jumped around like loon for a good ten minutes.

What's been new with you?


  1. Woo hoo on the full request! I hope your daughter is better. And I see you have a book about to come out. Woot!

  2. Thanks, M Pax. She's feeling much better today. :)

  3. I remember those days with my children. I had 5 kids in the same school at the same time. I practically lived there. Glad to hear your daughter's feeling better. And congrats on the full request!!