Monday, August 12, 2013

Postpone the matter ...

Usually, I can write a novel without a gentle push or shove in the right direction. Especially if the story is solid in my head. But this is for one story. I'm writing two at the same time. Equally annoying, and all this cluttered chatter in my head, sometimes I sigh audibly because one of my characters are doing exactly that.

Now as crazy people run around in my noggin, I must find a way to get them all out. So how would I do this? I divide up my days, my writing days half the day is dedicated to one story. The other half is dedicated to the other story. Seems simple enough. But I know what you're thinking, well how the heck do you keep them separate?

I outlined both stories. It's been a beast, but it's working. Also, with the outlines you'd think my writing days would be easier. Or that I could get my book done faster, but for some reason since the leg work or really hard part is done. The lay out, plot points and basically the Map from beginning to end it seems I've turned into a lazy writer. I'm only getting about 500 words down when on a normal write day I get about 1.5k to 2.5 K.

Thank goodness for my back-up or I should say my writer support. My writing friends Mandy and Courtney have decided to push each other on Sunday's we have a reach it or break it writing goal day. Every Sunday we tell each other what our goal is. We even do a how many words can we get an hour. And you will not believe how great it is writing on Sundays. I mean the push is exactly what I need.

How do you reach your goals?


  1. I think outlines help in writing too, Roza, although I don't outline every story I write, just the longer, book-length writings. Having someone to help push you to make word count helps, too. Lucky you to have found friends of like mind so that you can push each other. Bravo. Keep up the good work, although I don't think I could write two different books at one time.

  2. I didn't outline all the stories I wrote, Victoria. I recently started doing this and it's made writing so much easier.

  3. Great approach. I struggle with multiple projects, so I like your plan (outline, dividing up your time, and having writing partners to urge you forward while you support them too). It would be so good to see what works for different writers.