Thursday, September 26, 2013

When did it come down to this????

So my daughter and I were talking. As we do every morning I'm packing her lunch because it makes it 100 times easier to know what she wants and doesn't want in her lunch. Anyways she gets on a conversation about lunch. "There's this red light and when it's on we can't talk." - Excuse me? Red lights? Why the hell can't you socialize in lunch?

This is for the entire lunch period that the light is on by the way. So yeah, no talking at lunch. Oh my god, my daughter is attending a prison not a school. Or one of those reformed places. That's what you think, but it's a public school. Yeah.

Then she says, "Oh and now we have to sit in number order at the table." NOT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. By the number assigned to you. WTF!!! If this is public education, what's private school like? When did it come down to form and codes and being all no speaking or anything? I almost told my daughter about the constitution and all the rights we as people have but then that's probably not a wise idea since that would be considered acting out and rebelling but for real this is her childhood. Rules should apply but not that much.

On another note ... I'm happy to report that I'm at 25K in Runaways. YAY! And 5K on another book that just wouldn't leave my skull. I felt like a person with voices screaming in their brain mapping out situations for entire week until sunday I said that's it! And then I started typing and low and behold I ended up with 5K. Muses are the devil sometimes.

Happy writing.

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