Monday, October 14, 2013

Rewrites ... and the mess

After Four yes, Four requests to revise and resubmit, with two fulls still pending, I decided to NOT sit around and wait for other responses and started rewriting. Because this process is long enough as it is. Which means waiting leads to wasted time. Wasted time that could have been spent on revising, while the idea is still fresh.

So, I'm covered either way. If the people who have my fulls like it as is, Awesome! If not, well, I've already set this ball into motion, fixing whatever needs fixing. And although I'm happy about getting some revise and resubmits, it's also kind of depressing to be so darn close and being shot down again. It's like Shit! Really? Shit! Then there is that whole it's still an IF factor. Meaning I can go through and correct all this stuff but ... they might still end up not feeling it. Which will really suck.

This comes with the territory though. Rejections, revisions, and the mess in between.

Happy writing


  1. Hang in there Roza. The reasons they may want revisions is because your story is that good and they wish to publish it. Good luck, my dear.