Thursday, December 19, 2013

And release

Hello  wonders. 

I'm on vacation this week. Interesting enough, I seem to still be working. The other day however, I read. I forgot how relaxing reading can really be. Not that I don't read or anything, I do all the time for work but I think work reading and enjoyment reading is two different things. Yes, I read MS's at work but, to be honest if the MS is boring or lacks elements spice or just something holding my interest then I don't consider it very pleasurable. Just like books I buy, some could seem very appealing but they end up being so boring I just want to cry for buying such a book. Then I want to cry for wasting about 10 to 15 minutes of my life. Yes, that's how long it takes me to decide whether a book is worth the whole read through or not.

Currently though, I've read the Divergent series by Veronice Roth. I've been meaning to buy the book for a while: Divergent. Heard great things about the book. Over the holidays my dad asked me what I wanted and since he was with me I just picked out the book and thought it's just time to read it. I've been saying it for a while and it's just time to buy it and read it. So I did. Well, he did but I read it that night. Loved it. Got the other books the following days, read Insurgent a few nights ago all in one sitting. Neighbor Borrowed books one and two after I was finished with them. I just started Book three Allegiant and I must say it's quite interesting. For those of you who have read it please no spoilers. Those of you who haven't you should really look into these books. 

What have you been reading lately? What books are you going to be reading over the holidays?

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  1. Reading a book on Meditation now. Hopefully I will get it done this week!