Monday, January 6, 2014

Eww Why???

First off, Happy New Year Bloggers! I hope this New Year is rockin' for ya! Let's see, I got a book coming out in August of 2014 I'm totally stoked about! I'm going to be at BEA with my work! And basically have a lot of fun and exciting things lining up.

How's everyone's New Year so far? Anything New or Exciting you'd like to share?

Speaking of sharing. Do you ever read a blurb and think, "Oh this could be nice a cozy something I would enjoy reading?" Yeah. Then you start to read it and are immediately turned off by the book, ticked off you bought it, and/ or stop reading it. Yea, I had this problem yesterday.

I bought this book. I was like "Oh cute." Cause the blurb was cute. NO WHERE! I mean literally No where in this blurb did it mention an 18 year old girl seducing her roommates dad whose 50 something. She was sad about her boyfriend cheating on her with his supposed to be ex turns out it wasn't. Yadda yadda. I was like oh ok. Blurb mentioned this. Read. Read. Read. Then girl is up in her room talking about looking sexy for her friends dad. I was like OH MY GOD NO! Read a little more and was like Oh grossss!!!!! She's seriously trying to seduce him. BArf!!! Stopped reading.

In all fairness this is what I get for not writing and reading instead. Not mocking where I purchased the book because I've actually found a lot of good books in the self pubbed but in this case yeah, it was really bad.

So have you ever got a book you were disappointed in?

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  1. I try to read the blurb and the inside flap and then possibly venture in a few pages of the first chapter to see if the book is what I think it is.

    Congratulations on your new book coming out. Good luck!