Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My ... oh my

I'm excited! For a lot of reasons. Book will be released soon. I love Skylar and Caleb, and their story. I hope those of you who read it will love them and their story as well. Another reason I am excited, is my WIP is almost finished. I honestly, LOVE how the story races. Here is a snippet of it:

Dr. Helm’s wife couldn’t remember him. She couldn’t remember the love they shared or even the conversation she had the night before. The accident left her with short-term memory loss. Dr. Helm tried everything to get his wife back. She saw him as a stranger though, some man who visited her from time to time.
            Consumed by his desire to have his wife remember even the smallest glimpses of him and their life, he slaved away for years in his lab. A man on a mission that would not be stopped for no one. Finally, one sunny Tuesday, Dr. Helm created a machine to retrieve memories.
            But the machine did way more than that. And once the government caught wind of this creation, everything changed. Using a single drop of blood, a person’s entire life could be displayed. All the memories. Thoughts. Feelings. Secrets. It was all exposed. Society was purged from all lies and even trust.

            It was impossible to fight it. Many tried and failed … up until now.

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