Sunday, August 3, 2014

What the what?

This is the epic month of months. At least for me it is. Tuesday, Divergent comes out on DVD What what!

Mini vacation to water parks! Fun in the sun. Who doesn't love that?

School starts back up so that means more free time, and hours of peace so I can work on my books and stuff. Yay! The only downfall ... now I have to get up early again. Blahh.

My friend's birthday is happening this month. In his mind, it's like that song birthday by katy perry, where she sings "I'm going to make it like your birthday every day." Yeah that's what he thinks about this entire month, Not just the actual day but everyday this month is his birthday. (Silliest friend ever, but he's awesome so I wouldn't trade him for another!)

And ... My book comes out. Holy crap! My book comes out on the 26th, eeek! (I've been super hyper about it too and we're still so far away from the date. Still I'm so excited!) If you want a chance to review RIVAL LOVE, please sign up here: RIVAL LOVE


How many of you are excited about back to school?

How many of you are excited about Divergent coming out on DVD?

How many of you have something exciting happening to you this month, and what is it?

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