Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I should be writing, so why am I...

I am supposed to be writing. However, there is some projects around the house that I've put on hold because of my writing. Sooooo, I'm actually doing some of them, this week.

First, happens to be Child's bedroom. Now, I'm not one for Pinks and Purple's but my child is so I compromised and did it. So her room is going to have a light purple and frosty pink walls. Yay! Now, I got done with the second coat on the one purple wall, and as I was stepping off my ladder Tragedy strikes. My butt bumped into my daughter's dresser mirror thing  and it starts to wobble. Next thing I know the thing is crashing, sending stuff everywhere and then breaking. Ooops. So I'm down to three walls complete, and one wall needing to be redone. Nice.

This is my break time by the way. Hooray!

As for my revisions, I'm still ahead of schedule. I have at least four more days until I have to get completely motivated again and back into my writing. Until then, remolding mode is in. ;)

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