Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reading and writing

I've literally read ten books this week. Ten! I'm thrilled to have accomplished this but I'm also a little sad too. Because though I've read ten books, I also found myself comparing the stories I read to the stories I'm currently writing.

Usually when I'm in full on writing mood I refuse to read anything. For fear of distraction which in this case I really should have stuck to this rule. But hey you only live once right? Might as well do things a little nutty every now and again. I also make sure to not read anything similar to what I'm writing at the time so I don't get into a comparison mood.

But, since I've already broken two of my rules I'm going to say what I've learned. I learned that maybe it's okay to have a character with a little softer edge to them. I also learned whatever I'm writing will not be a carbon copy of someone else's idea even though some things might seem similar. I will twist and mold my work to be unique, and put a fresh spin on things.

This also goes for titles. LORD there is so many titles that are all the same and some have different tag lines. Some sound exactly like the other except for like maybe three or four things, Name of characters, situations, etc. Point is sometimes a title is really hard to choose.

And so, Yesterday, I actually started a new novel which I shouldn't have started at all. Because I'm supposed to be finishing or at least getting to the half way point of my sequel of one of my books coming out this summer. But, instead of writing 10K and getting that book to the 30K mark, I ... started a new novel.

My plotting board has turned into some craziness. Here's to hoping I get my ducks in a row and I get some well and much needed writing for sequel done. (sad part I have it all outlined all I have to do is write it) I think my problem is, by me plotting it all out it took some of the fun out of writing the story. Do you ever get like this?

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