Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teenage moments: Lesson 101

Teenage moment: Point 101 (Don't correct people in a filled room)
"What did he say his name was?"-Lindz
"I don't know. Derrick? I'm just calling him tour dude"-me
"For your information my zipper isn't down this is how my pants are made."- tour dude says.
"Uh...are you talking to me?" - me
"Yeah. I can read lips."- tour dude.
I start to laugh because that's what awkward moment me does. "Yeah. You might need another lesson in reading lips because I said I don't know. Derrick? I'm just calling him tour dude. But thanks for thinking I'm checking out your crotch. Real smooth."
Face is super red.

Two months later...
Late for a test, literally running across campus in a tutu -NOT COOL EVER- and low and behold the test granting Nazi himself.
"Hey... I know I'm late..."
Derrick eyes me up and smiles. "I know you. You're that girl."
"I am a girl yup. yup. I need to..." hand him my paper.
He shakes his head. "Oh, look at this, the test is closed."
"Yeah, but, I'm a minute late so could you just."
"Oh, I don't think so. Remember me from your orientation?" Yeah, I remember but so freaking...oh..oh shit.
Face falls. Uh. Shit! "I uh..."
"Yeah my boys gave me so much shit for your comment. This is pay back."
"See ya." He waves. I totally need to take my test. He knows it too. But he is not going to let me in. This is beyond cruel.
And I seriously have a zero. Not even an attempt at getting an F and maybe a score of 67 no a flat out in your freaking face zero. SHIT!

See Not always good to correct people in a filled room. Because what you say will come back to haunt you in the worse way possible.

But again this is a situation I can totally reword, work into my favor and the character will have a HAPPY ending not an F on a test. :)

Happy writing people!

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