Monday, February 17, 2014

Regrets? Please ...

Live your life with no regrets. People say this all the time. But how does one do it? For me, I use it all for writing. Seriously. Have you ever had moments where you wish you had a rewind button for? Like either something you said or did but you can't take back. Ever. Well, growing up we screw up. Admit it, we've all done it. My screw ups might have been lessons well learned, but it's also has a pinch of regret somewhere in there.

I was the poster child of BAD HAIR. Seriously. It was long, frizzed out, and one big heap of mess. It took me years, and when I say this, I'm being for real. YEARS to learn how to style it without hopelessly tossing it up in a ponytail and hoping others didn't notice.

I was full of embarrassing moments. Like the time in ninth grade my innocent mind got me into WAY more trouble than was worth. My brother's BFF and I HATED each other. He was hot and all the girls wanted him. I am not going to lie about that. But I don't know when a guy you might have been crushing on calls you weird names like Stumpy, farts in your face and belchs his ABC's you tend to see them as a gross mutant. Anyways, in ninth grade BFF was over our house, and he slept walk into my room. So I woke up in the morning with his hand stretched out across my waist and I screamed like you wouldn't believe. Because WHAT THE HELL was he doing there? But he was fully clothed and had no idea why he was in my room either. And he was ontop of the covers which Thank freaking god because it was already awkward enough. So I told my own friend this, but I wasn't paying attention to the ears within the room and of course someone overheard and asked, "So you slept with him?" And innocent me said, "Well, I guess. I don't know how long he was there." -I was not thinking about sex okay I was horrified by a movie we were forced to watch in 6th grade. (This woman was giving birth and I think I almost barfed and screamed when the woman was pushing out her child and yelling as she was doing it) and haven't even had my first kiss yet. So, I didn't grasp the full question they were asking, "DID YOU HAVE SEX?" Which was a HELL NO!!! But this my friends started a rumor that yes need I say (Regret) Because guys at my school were low degrading species and thought I was now not a prude and wanted to try to get some. And the guys I did like The really nice church going guys? Yeah they all looked at me like I was some slut ball because BFF was totally dating this girl on my diving team. Who later wanted to kick my ass for spreading such a lie. (Again regret because I didn't spread a lie, things got twisted and someone else did it)

Point is, through writing I can have my character go through this same thing but ... have things turn out differently. Like way different. Hence, No Longer Feeling Regret.

So give it a try I dare you.

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