Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Attitude

Our attitude is put to the test often. Rejection letters, Changes in manuscripts, Editorial comments, and even Critique notes. Yes, our attitude is put to the test all the time. What you need to keep in mind is try to be positive. Make sure you take a breather before saying anything rash, or blowing up on someone.

This also means writing emails, texting, and any other forms of communication. Take a few minutes maybe even a couple of days. Because how we express ourselves shows in our words. Your attitude will come off in those pages, and maybe you don't mean it to, but trust me it does.

Just tell yourself : I'm Awesome! My Work is Amazing! I'm going to be Great! This doesn't make me who I am it will only make me work harder! - Never let things define you.


  1. Super read thanks for sharing

  2. You're right. Attitude can pave our roads. :)

  3. I do however believe that those knee jerk reactions we have are just as important to us, our work, and our growth! Those are the moments of truth, that we can then draw upon at a later date to make our characters stronger - In turn making us even more amazing. Strive to be better, absolutely I agree, but love the inner crazy too :)

    1. That's always been my own struggle, when am I making faults or are they real?

  4. Hi Natalie! I have to tell myself to take a deep breath sometimes. Those texts can be easy to just fire off without thinking of how it will sound to the other person. You're right, a cool down period is a wise idea.

    Happy A-Zing

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  5. I wonder if this is what's been getting to my writing lately ... thanks for the good thoughts!
    Stopping in from the A-Z :)

  6. I just had an unpleasant experience with my previous job and it was a right time forme to read this wwrite-up. Thank you.

    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge.