Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I'm not Insane, I'm just very unfiltered.

I think there are Crazy people, Insane people, and then there is just hyper. Now, let me be clear there is a difference in all types. Crazy and Insane you'd think went hand and hand but no they don't. Let me explain. Crazy people, are just Funny, unfiltered little people who will say what they think at that very moment. Sometimes it comes off a little "OH MY GOSH." And sometimes it comes off a little, "WHAT A B....." Point is it has no filter and it's truth without walls.

 Insane people are stalker I want to murder you in your sleep kind of crazy. Those people FREAK ME OUT! Seriously if someone comes up to me and says "Oh holy shit I know you" and then gets that creepy psycho laugh and bounce that follows, yeah I'm totally running. I don't really like those kinds of people.

Now, people who are Hyper, all over the place has that enthusiastic hand shake yes, I can handle them but only for so long. Because the hyper phase kind of annoys me. Just like fake plastic people.

But all this got me thinking about characters. What makes you like a character? Is it the wit? Charm? Or is it the gritty truth? Can a character come off as Fake back stabbing or is it more like innocent doll. Personally I love characters with bite, flare, and above all this moving way to really tell the world to Piss off and just be who they are. Take it or leave it kind of attitude. I love that.

But here is one of my Awesome accomplishments at BEA! Yes, That's Jason Segel! AH!!!!

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