Saturday, April 26, 2014


Today is my birthday! So this post is all about Wishes!

1. I wish for good things to happen to all my friends

2. I wish for cheesecake as my cake instead of the usual

3. I wish for a mani/pedi

4. I wish for James Franco to sing me happy birthday.

5. I wish for sushi

6. I wish for books

7. I wish for a personalized Peyton Manning autographed football

8. I wish for a bike

9. I wish I could have an unlimited supply of writing time for me and all my writing friends.

10. Well ... I can't tell you that wish or it won't come true. ;)


  1. Happy Birthday Natalie! I hope all your wishes come true. :-D

  2. AtoZ nearly finished for another year just like birthdays.
    Hope you had a great day, with sushi followed by cheesecake.