Monday, April 1, 2013


at·ti·tude  [at-i-tood, -tyood] noun
1.manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind: a negative attitude; group attitudes.
2.position or posture of the body appropriate to or expressive of an action, emotion, etc.: a threatening attitude; a relaxed attitude.
3.Aeronautics . the inclination of the three principal axes of an aircraft relative to the wind, to the ground, etc.
4.Ballet. a pose in which the dancer stands on one leg, the other bent behind.

Let's face it, as a writer our egos get slammed daily. Our attitude suffers, because we're told Don't Lash Out. Don't React. But we want to. Oh man, do we want to. I mean who do these people think they are? Well, they're humans. Humans with opinions. If you feel your Attitude changing from positive to negative try these steps. 

1. Breathe.
2. Shut down the screen or walk away from whatever is making you feel miserable.
3. Read or do something that always makes you smile.


  1. Lovely advice! Attitude can be the difference between success and failure. Great word.

  2. I'm seeing a lot of attitude posts today, and I love it, because it's such a great reminder. Attitude helps so much, especially when life gets low or stress builds up.


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  3. Good tips. So practical and so true.
    at Organization and Inspiration for Fellow Writers, participant of A to Z Blogging Challenge

  4. Hiya neighbor! (Not literally, hehe. We're neighbors on the linky link.)

    Nice first post you got here. Useful too! Looking forward to your next B-Z posts! :D

  5. Thanks for the post! With my first book coming out, I can totally relate. I remember a blog I wrote when I was angry with someone. I got more personal notes and responses from people about how I sounded angry and how I should deal with it. Which....pissed me off even more. As if being a writer, means I shouldn't express my anger through my words. That's what we do, it's who we are; expressive. Keep up the good work!

  6. Great advice thanks for sharing

  7. I could have used this advice earlier today. It was great reading it on the return home, however. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the follow.

  8. Good Post, Roza! How true in the life or day of a writer. I need to stop and breathe!!

  9. Nice post. I always try to remember the "Count to Ten" advice, but then give up on it. At forty-mumphthing, I still can't grip my attitude, but am hoping to become a little less so with more age. As a writer, I know it's easier to shut off everything and get on with writing also.

  10. I needed that sort of advice. Great post!

  11. Hi Rosa. A great A-post!
    Attitude determines the rate of success... and ultimate growth!
    Here's to a funky and upbeat attitude!
    Nice to meet you!

  12. Grad school is just a whole bunch of negativity right now, so I've been struggling with the positive attitude thing a lot lately. Good post! Something almost everyone can relate to. =)