Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H= Hurry

What's the deal with everyone being in such a hurry? I'm guilty of this sometimes I get myself in a little rush to get a lot of projects done at once. Or to get to a certain word count. But the truth of the matter, most things I tend to rush almost always needs fixed.

I realize sometimes we set deadlines for ourselves. And sometimes when we do this, we're not thinking about the amount of work ahead in order to complete the task on time. So we end up hurrying through, and hoping it's all there by the time we get done.

Here's some tips to remember so you don't end up in a hurry.

1. If you know it take 15 minutes to get to a certain place, and you want to make it on time. Leave five to ten minutes earlier giving yourself Five to Ten more minutes of extra time to get to the place you need to be.

2. When setting a deadline for a story, set a word count goal, how many days you want to complete this goal then figure it out like so     x days/ y word count  : you'll get the word count you must reach every day to complete the goal. (what I like to do is give myself more days in order to meet my goal early but also, not put myself in a rushing mode.)

3. Make to-do lists with a reasonable amount of things on it.
example mine today:
1. write blog
2. breakfast
3. send RR email
4. answer emails
5. Clean house (living room, kitchen, floors)
6. write 800 words
7. Read MS's (2)
8. Make (3) files
9. Update (4) files
10. Lunch
11. Clean the rest of the house
12. Pick up child
13. dinner
14. homework
15. bedtime

Never more than 15 items on my to-do list daily.

Happy writing


  1. I am ALWAYS in a hurry. It's terrible. Note to self, must slow down.

    Happy A through Z posting.

  2. Great tips but I'm exhausted just looking at your to do list!

  3. There is something about writing things down that makes them less worrying than just swirling about in your head. I'll forget them if I don't write them down too.

  4. Leaving early helps, especially if I have to drive on the freeway to get there. Never know with traffic. Also, writing a list. Good points for a fun-to-read H post.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  5. Everyone needs to slow down just a bit- thanks for the reminder!