Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Are any of you attending BEA?

I am and let me tell you I'm so excited to be seeing all the authors I communicate with daily. As well as the ones I've read all their wonderful published works from. But not only am I excited about all these things but just being in NYC brings me a thrill.

So if you were to go anywhere where would you go?


  1. Wow that's great Roza!! I'd love to go but it's not gonna happen this year. I am however going to Miami to Neil Gaiman's book signing. Squee!

  2. That sounds really fun! I follow a lot of publishing industry stuff, but have never been to a trade show like BEA. I am going to Romance Writers of America's national convention this year though, which should be a blast.

    Stopping by for A to Z. Good luck with your writing!