Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I= It is I

Okay, I must confess there is going to be 11 things about myself I'm about to reveal. So here it is:

1. I'm an author. J.Million

2. My birthday is sometime this month.

3. I love animals. My favorite is a Koala Bear.

4. I love to cook

5. I love reading

6. I love writing

7. I could spend all my time at a beach.

8. I hate snakes (AHHH)

9. I hate people who start a crap load of drama in order to make themselves the center of attention. you're not awesome. In fact, you suck.

10. I don't like forced emotions in novels, seriously people who say I love you just to say it in novels because you think it will have an awe affect to the book, it doesn't. If up to this point person was absent and then comes back and something happens, yeah don't pull the I Love You's...

11. Yes, my last name is Million (like the money) although people say it wrong a lot. 

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