Monday, April 8, 2013

G= Good Grief

Ever watch Charlie Brown? I love when he sighs, Good grief. Especially when he's talking to Sally. That's how I feel sometimes when talking to people who don't quite grasp all the things I do on a daily basis. For Instance my job(s) are the following:

I work for MONTH9BOOKS, LLC. What do I do there? I'm kind of like a gofer or the go to girl. I'm the assistant to the publisher, Georgia. Look at all these G words spouting through here. I'm also the Author Liaison which means I deal with all the authors, answer their questions and get anything they might need.

I'm also a writer. I write every day. Not 1000k words like I'd love to do, but I do write about 500-800 words per day.

I'm a mother. My children need picked up from school. Driven to events. Fed. Helped with homework. Yup this is all the makings of me.

Am I busy every day? Yes. I am.

Happy writing


  1. 500-800 is still a pretty good daily word count.

  2. wow, good for you to get that much writing done daily AND be a mom. I know the deal. I just don't get as much writing done. Though the A-z challenge helps to at least spark ideas for when I DO have spare time...