Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Done to Death

Ever watch previews for a movie and go, "OH MY GOD NOT AGAIN!!" My friend and I both did this. You know those Step it UP movies? Well, if you love them, you're in luck they're coming out with another one. And if you love Moose yup he's in it too. I'm actually sick of these movies, along with Cheerleading ones "Bring it on" Ugh! I lost track of how many were made. Just like Superman, Hulk, and I'm not understand the need for the fourth transformer movie. I loved the first two HATED THE THIRD ONE! But this brings me to my point, these things have been done to death. But so has a lot of books. Can anyone name some books that have been done to death?

Does this mean you can't write it? No. But you need to make it different and unique otherwise it won't work. Because it will fall under that category "Done to Death" and No More.

What do you all think?

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  1. I hate to say it (because I am/was a fan) but Vampire Books have been done to death!
    I know everyone will 'Urgh' at Twilight but at least it came early and had an a hint of 'new' flavour.

    However I read a list of the best original movies that came out in 2013 recently too and they were all completely terrible also!