Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tie me

This isn't a writing post. Sorry if you wanted one. Today I'm just so excited about my little one tying his shoes I want to tell everyone. Because seriously in parenting I feel like there is a lot of big accomplishments, growing up. Here's a few:
Baby/ toddler years
1. Crawling
3. Talking
4. Eating by themselves
5. going potty like a big person (holy shit so hard)

Big kid years
6. saying alphabet
7. Counting
8. writing letters
9. Reading
10. Tying shoes

Teen years
11. dating
12. learning to drive a car
13. college acceptance/visiting
14. graduating

I left off accomplishing the OMG my body will never get normal parts or start things phase because really for a girl that's not an accomplishment. Getting curves and a monthly bill is like being handed a curse that won't go away until you're old and gray by then who gives a shit. Am I right?

I am sure there is more in between there but still I am so excited my little one is moving through his steps.

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