Thursday, April 17, 2014


The world of publishing has changed so much. From query letters being sent in the mail, typed, stuffed into an envelope, licked, and stamped before getting a response. Manuscripts were printed off and sent out, only to be read and rejected or put into beautiful binding and thrown on a shelf at a Bookstore.

Then came along email, and we got to stop one transaction and do another, and yet we waited patiently for that wonderful three letter word that would make us all cry out "I did it! HA!"

But this world wouldn't stop changing with emails, it turned into something more. Books can now be found on these devices called Tablets and Ereaders Once again changing the whole industry all over again. Writers now have options. They don't have to settle for a no. They don't have to move on to another project. They can tell others to kiss their ass cause they'll show them. Hell they'll show them all by putting the book out by themselves.

And yes, it's scary. But the point is we're not limited to these certain options. Readers have options now too, we don't have to buy books to fill up shelves and buy more bookshelves to furnish our love. Nope, we have ereaders that will store books into it's compact purse carrying awesomeness!

So go on, explore your options. :)

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