Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kill Them!

It's hard. It's so hard to kill off characters you actually grown to like, for JK Rowling it was probably difficult to kill off Tonks and Lupin. Or even Sirus I cried reading those deaths and of course one of the Twins. It was like Aww my Ginger-haired duos turned singular.

Sometimes it needs to be done though. You have to give an MC motivation, or a reason to seek revenge. In order to do this something bad must happen to them. For Bambi his mom had to die. For my characters, well, her roommate/ best friend dies, and I'm going to Kill off a few more, but it will make her stronger. More willing to say F-off world I'm doing things my way.

But when Killing them, (Characters) do it with a purpose not because you hate being inside their head anymore or they do something to make you personally mad. Do it with a purpose.


  1. Good post. It is hard to kill off any of our babies, but writers gotta do what writers gotta do.

  2. Death is a big part of our world and our lives, so our writing needs to say something about that, not shy away from it. You've got to find your own way to do it right, though.

    Great to meet you! Is that music player at the bottom of the site adware or did you stick it there on purpose? Kinduv annoying the way it starts playing automatically, and I had to search for half a minute to find the pause button.