Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Every once in a while you'll tell someone what you do, and they'll give you that "Oh really," look. Then they'll do this, "Do you even make any money from that?" They'll degrade you. They'll put down your work. But Never give in.

You'll come across a person who says your writing is "Shit!" They Hate you and every word you put to a page. They can't believe you got published. And might call you every name in the book and do it with some Shit grammar. NEVER give them the satisfaction of a tear or even spew they're hate for your work over to your friends. What you should do is read it, smile, and say "Your words don't matter. 1 out of a billion. I'm doing pretty F'ing good!" Cause you are! You're freaking awesome!

You might run into some prick you knew back in High school who was nothing but a total punk. They might pick you apart. Tell you what you used to be. Tear you down. Try to get you back to that person. NEVER take their words to heart. They are no one.

A rejection might slap you in the face. That's number 100. You want to curl up in a ball and Die. You tell yourself you suck and should quit. Everyone was right even prick face EX. But that's where you're wrong. Keep trying. Push through the bullshit and Never give up. I dare you. Good things will happen.

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