Friday, April 25, 2014


Stories, Queries, and Synopsis's all need to have a vibe. A voice needs to be heard throughout them. A feeling. When I read a blurb I should get the Ouu this sounds amazing vibe. Or Ouuu I can't wait to read Vibe.

Sometimes I get this vibe from the cover, and the title. Then I read the blurb. Sometimes .... and this is sometimes I do this I pick out books from the library based on cover and title and don't read the blurb. Now has this proven to be a good choice when choosing books? Eh.  Point is I should get a vibe to want to be interested in it.

This is true for a lot of things really. Like when you're walking in a store can you tell by some people they have the anti-social vibe, or the slutty vibe, or even the downright um you are beneath me vibe. Yes, it's in their walk, talk, and even how they dress. Your own vibe, your characters vibe needs to shine through.

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