Saturday, April 19, 2014

Query Me My Dear

Query letters are tricky. They require a few things which a lot of people say is difficult to do. Which it is, I won't lie, but once you get it wow, everything clicks and falls into place.

First. Dear Mr or Ms Agent's name. make sure you know who you're querying. You don't want to mistaken Chris for a Dude when she's really a chick. So get to know this person by researching their website.

Don't I repeat this Do NOT query someone who is seeking Adult erotica, and query your MIDDLE GRADE novel to them. I repeat you need to research the person. Look at what they're looking for.

In the query itself, the body if you will, you must ask yourself four questions. Who is the MC? What is the MC striving to do? What are some of the things stopping MC from their goal? Where is the solution for MC?

So here we go.

Dear Ms Decker,

I hope this note finds you well. I saw that you were seeking young adult romances and this is the reason I'm writing to you today. I believe if you were to love my book as much as I did writing it you'd be the perfect agent to help it get out into the world. (Not exactly these words but you get the jest)

Autumn Granger hates her neighbor Will Morris. He's the perfect, typical popular stud in the high school world. Girls would sell their lives away for just a date with him. All the guys want to be him. But Autumn can't wait for college so she won't have to look at him anymore. Because maybe, just maybe her heart will finally heal.

Four years ago, Will and Autumn were best friends, until freshman year happened. Will decided to ditch Autumn for the popular kids. Friendless, and stuck in the cycle of becoming invisible, Autumn finds more loners along the way. But it's Senior year now, she has her dream colleges all mapped out, and nothing can go wrong. That is until Will becomes a permanent fixture in her life when Autumn's brother decides to get engaged to Will's sister.

Autumn decides the only way to correct this problem is breaking up the wedding before the vows. But the more she sabotages her brother's future happiness, she sees the effect it's having on her own life. In order for her to fix all of this, is confront her real problem which is Will.

Autumn's Rule, is a young adult romance set at 65000 words. Thank you for your consideration.

Natalie Decker

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