Thursday, September 26, 2013

When did it come down to this????

So my daughter and I were talking. As we do every morning I'm packing her lunch because it makes it 100 times easier to know what she wants and doesn't want in her lunch. Anyways she gets on a conversation about lunch. "There's this red light and when it's on we can't talk." - Excuse me? Red lights? Why the hell can't you socialize in lunch?

This is for the entire lunch period that the light is on by the way. So yeah, no talking at lunch. Oh my god, my daughter is attending a prison not a school. Or one of those reformed places. That's what you think, but it's a public school. Yeah.

Then she says, "Oh and now we have to sit in number order at the table." NOT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. By the number assigned to you. WTF!!! If this is public education, what's private school like? When did it come down to form and codes and being all no speaking or anything? I almost told my daughter about the constitution and all the rights we as people have but then that's probably not a wise idea since that would be considered acting out and rebelling but for real this is her childhood. Rules should apply but not that much.

On another note ... I'm happy to report that I'm at 25K in Runaways. YAY! And 5K on another book that just wouldn't leave my skull. I felt like a person with voices screaming in their brain mapping out situations for entire week until sunday I said that's it! And then I started typing and low and behold I ended up with 5K. Muses are the devil sometimes.

Happy writing.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Haunting tales

I'm here to warn you about cemeteries. Yes, they're the perfect resting spot for your loved one. They're also the perfect spot to see a ghost. That's what I want to warn you about. Ghosts.

They don't always appear as ghosts. They like to trick you. They aren't transparent and floaty. At least, the ghost I saw wasn't. 

She did have on old-fashioned clothes. I thought that was strange, but I let it go. I shouldn't have, so learn from my mistakes. People don't usually dress up in old-fashioned clothes to visit a loved one's grave. At least, not that many people in my experience. 

Another thing to watch out for is when this stranger you met in the cemetery wants you to do something for them. I'm not talking about running down the grocery store for a bottle of milk. I'm talking about digging up the attic floorboards to find an antique diary. That kind of request isn't so average, huh?

Next thing you know, you're caught up in this old mystery and feeling compelled to help the ghost. I'm not saying you shouldn't help ghosts. I'm just saying ... well ... be careful. Watch out for ghosts in cemeteries.


In the short story Amity, the main character should’ve taken her own advice.  While staying at her sister’s house, she wanders to the cemetery down the street, where she meets a woman dressed in old-fashioned clothing.  The stranger explains that a diary hidden in the attic will shed light on a mystery from the early 1900s.  She just
needs to find the diary … and figure out what to do with it. Amity is included in 13 Haunted Tales, a ghost story anthology edited by Terri Karsten. You can get your copy on the Wagonbridge Publishing website,, in October.

Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, represented by Belcastro Agency, is the author of three short stories in the anthology: Amity, Yankee Inn, and Candlestick Guilt.  You can find more of her stories on her WattPad page,  If you’re looking to contact her, you can find her (not just her stories) on Facebook  and Twitter. You can also connect with her on her blog,, where she discusses her life as a writer, reviews books, and some really weird experiences.

Cemetery photographs taken by Ashlee Mierek.