Thursday, December 19, 2013

And release

Hello  wonders. 

I'm on vacation this week. Interesting enough, I seem to still be working. The other day however, I read. I forgot how relaxing reading can really be. Not that I don't read or anything, I do all the time for work but I think work reading and enjoyment reading is two different things. Yes, I read MS's at work but, to be honest if the MS is boring or lacks elements spice or just something holding my interest then I don't consider it very pleasurable. Just like books I buy, some could seem very appealing but they end up being so boring I just want to cry for buying such a book. Then I want to cry for wasting about 10 to 15 minutes of my life. Yes, that's how long it takes me to decide whether a book is worth the whole read through or not.

Currently though, I've read the Divergent series by Veronice Roth. I've been meaning to buy the book for a while: Divergent. Heard great things about the book. Over the holidays my dad asked me what I wanted and since he was with me I just picked out the book and thought it's just time to read it. I've been saying it for a while and it's just time to buy it and read it. So I did. Well, he did but I read it that night. Loved it. Got the other books the following days, read Insurgent a few nights ago all in one sitting. Neighbor Borrowed books one and two after I was finished with them. I just started Book three Allegiant and I must say it's quite interesting. For those of you who have read it please no spoilers. Those of you who haven't you should really look into these books. 

What have you been reading lately? What books are you going to be reading over the holidays?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I'm not really a fan of the holidays. Not that I'm all Oh kiss it Christmas or all scrooge like about it. I'm just always overly stressed. If you ever met my family you'd know why. 

My father is always reminding me of how old my grandmother is. I know how old my grandma is by the way. Then he tells me I have to see her. Now if my grandma was old and brittle sure, I can see this as necessary to see her as often as possible. My grandmother is not this way though. To give you an insight of how my grandma is and acts, she hates people who drives slow. That woman puts the race in racing. Not kidding. She told me the other day a guy was driving 55 and the speed limit is 70 so she's having a fit. "Who does that? So you know what I did? I passed him beeped my horn and flipped him off while I passed him for being a jackass!" Yeah 80 years old and she acts like this while driving. She's about as fragile as a nail.

Then there is the getting the gifts. Packing up my vehicle with not only my luggage but gifts, children's luggage and then traveling in the long holiday traffic. Yeah, I'm not up for idiots on the road. Or being cramped with gifts. And do you know what bothers me the most, how my family never considers how many damn gifts they bought for me and so when we return, we have stuff the luggage back in with a crap load of gifts. And hope we all fit without getting a uhaul to strap and drive with. 

I know I shouldn't complain. I should be grateful for getting anything and being blessed, but being in a vehicle for 8 or more hours with no leg room doesn't make you feel grateful. It's more of the opposite like why couldn't they come out here?

Honestly, for once I want to stay in my house and not travel to see anyone. (This is completely selfish I know) But I've been traveling every holiday since I was little. Going to this person's house, that person's house. Scheduled meal times. I'm just tired of it. I thought when I had my own family this non-sense would stop and people would visit you instead.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year! 

Monday, December 2, 2013


I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. (For those who celebrate) Wednesday I got a free Galaxy 4 from Best Buy! Sweet!!! I needed a new phone. Anyways same day had to call and get a plumber to fix my drain where my washing machine is, because the drain was like Old Faithful, spraying water everywhere. I was like HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP! It was super bad. 

Plumber fixed it ... or at least it was temporary because Sunday I'm doing Laundry cleaning up after the guest, while watching football. (That's how I roll on Sunday's) And the washing machine started spraying all over. Flooded my entire kitchen. It was AWESOME! (Not really) But I was shaking my head saying Really?

So today I tried calling plumber he isn't answering. Great! 

Let me back my story up a bit though on Thursday I did all the cooking, had an alright thanksgiving, and then went on to some shopping. Scored a couple of laptops for super cheap at Best Buy. Oh but there was this dude in front of us who was farting in line. But he was trying to act like he's not passing gas like right in front of us. He's just carrying on a conversation with his friend, farting, meantime I'm laughing so hard because okay I'm not mature farts make me laugh. So I;m laughing and this dude actually gives me a dirty look. I'm thinking the whole time, oh my goodness you're the one crapping your pants and you give me a look like I'm messed up. Anyways, I can actually say all I need to buy is giftcards and I'm done. Done. Done with shopping. Well, I might get some things for myself but for the most part I'm done.

Oh and onto writing the sequel to a book. As well as rewriting Runaways. Oh, before I forget how did everyone do for the NaNoWriMo?

I actually banked 40k. Not bad. I guess.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Ack! I'm so sorry for not posting something sooner. With me working on rewrites. Working. Holidays. and Christmas shopping I've been super swamped.

I will tell you some things that just irk me though. Ready ... Rewriting and thinking about it while I am cleaning, working, or driving and NOT being able to stop and write whatever is jogging around in my head. Then there is wanting so badly to read books but not being able to because I've got to write or do the other things. Oh, and don't get me started on holiday shopping.

I've been searching for this robotic fishbowl thing since my five year old wants fish but here's the thing. I made this mistake with my daughter and she decided the fish weren't swimming fast enough. So she stuck her hand into the tank and chased them around until they died. After that lesson, I decided my five year old is getting robotic fish. They only die when the batteries do. But they can come back to like frankinstein as soon as you get some fresh batteries. Yay!

Other than that, enjoy Thanksgiving if I don't blog sooner.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Rewrites ... and the mess

After Four yes, Four requests to revise and resubmit, with two fulls still pending, I decided to NOT sit around and wait for other responses and started rewriting. Because this process is long enough as it is. Which means waiting leads to wasted time. Wasted time that could have been spent on revising, while the idea is still fresh.

So, I'm covered either way. If the people who have my fulls like it as is, Awesome! If not, well, I've already set this ball into motion, fixing whatever needs fixing. And although I'm happy about getting some revise and resubmits, it's also kind of depressing to be so darn close and being shot down again. It's like Shit! Really? Shit! Then there is that whole it's still an IF factor. Meaning I can go through and correct all this stuff but ... they might still end up not feeling it. Which will really suck.

This comes with the territory though. Rejections, revisions, and the mess in between.

Happy writing

Thursday, September 26, 2013

When did it come down to this????

So my daughter and I were talking. As we do every morning I'm packing her lunch because it makes it 100 times easier to know what she wants and doesn't want in her lunch. Anyways she gets on a conversation about lunch. "There's this red light and when it's on we can't talk." - Excuse me? Red lights? Why the hell can't you socialize in lunch?

This is for the entire lunch period that the light is on by the way. So yeah, no talking at lunch. Oh my god, my daughter is attending a prison not a school. Or one of those reformed places. That's what you think, but it's a public school. Yeah.

Then she says, "Oh and now we have to sit in number order at the table." NOT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. By the number assigned to you. WTF!!! If this is public education, what's private school like? When did it come down to form and codes and being all no speaking or anything? I almost told my daughter about the constitution and all the rights we as people have but then that's probably not a wise idea since that would be considered acting out and rebelling but for real this is her childhood. Rules should apply but not that much.

On another note ... I'm happy to report that I'm at 25K in Runaways. YAY! And 5K on another book that just wouldn't leave my skull. I felt like a person with voices screaming in their brain mapping out situations for entire week until sunday I said that's it! And then I started typing and low and behold I ended up with 5K. Muses are the devil sometimes.

Happy writing.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Haunting tales

I'm here to warn you about cemeteries. Yes, they're the perfect resting spot for your loved one. They're also the perfect spot to see a ghost. That's what I want to warn you about. Ghosts.

They don't always appear as ghosts. They like to trick you. They aren't transparent and floaty. At least, the ghost I saw wasn't. 

She did have on old-fashioned clothes. I thought that was strange, but I let it go. I shouldn't have, so learn from my mistakes. People don't usually dress up in old-fashioned clothes to visit a loved one's grave. At least, not that many people in my experience. 

Another thing to watch out for is when this stranger you met in the cemetery wants you to do something for them. I'm not talking about running down the grocery store for a bottle of milk. I'm talking about digging up the attic floorboards to find an antique diary. That kind of request isn't so average, huh?

Next thing you know, you're caught up in this old mystery and feeling compelled to help the ghost. I'm not saying you shouldn't help ghosts. I'm just saying ... well ... be careful. Watch out for ghosts in cemeteries.


In the short story Amity, the main character should’ve taken her own advice.  While staying at her sister’s house, she wanders to the cemetery down the street, where she meets a woman dressed in old-fashioned clothing.  The stranger explains that a diary hidden in the attic will shed light on a mystery from the early 1900s.  She just
needs to find the diary … and figure out what to do with it. Amity is included in 13 Haunted Tales, a ghost story anthology edited by Terri Karsten. You can get your copy on the Wagonbridge Publishing website,, in October.

Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, represented by Belcastro Agency, is the author of three short stories in the anthology: Amity, Yankee Inn, and Candlestick Guilt.  You can find more of her stories on her WattPad page,  If you’re looking to contact her, you can find her (not just her stories) on Facebook  and Twitter. You can also connect with her on her blog,, where she discusses her life as a writer, reviews books, and some really weird experiences.

Cemetery photographs taken by Ashlee Mierek.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Missing Peace

Hello Bloggers,

How are we doing today? Hope all is well. Today I want to introduce you all to an author. Please wave and say "Hi!" to Beth Fred.

Beth has written a book I've recently read called A MISSING PEACE. It's about angry, seventeen-year-old Iraqi war refugee Mirriam Yohanna. Stuck in a military base populated by spoiled army brats like Caleb Miller. And when she gets into a heated debate about what life was like in Iraqi versus what Caleb thinks her life was like, sparks fly and they end up doing an assignment together.

Of course Caleb volunteers to be Mirriam's partner in order to win a bet, so he can regain his pride which Mirriam crushed the moment she didn't fall for his charming lines. But working together so closely not only opens up their hearts to each other, it also reveals secrets about their pasts. Uncovering the truth has the potential to ruin lives--- and possibly their futures.

Mirriam has a great heart and so does Caleb. And when their together it's sweet. I really enjoyed the chemistry between these two. I like her relationship with her brother although you don't see much of it. And I kind of wish you did. But when you get some glimpse of it, it's nice. However, I didn't really feel a sense of a forbidden love going on here. Mirriam isn't supposed to date, and she's definitely not supposed to date white boys, but doesn't come off as strong as I would like. Her mother at the hospital doesn't seem so, how would I put this, Going Crazy and in Overprotective mode when Mirriam is with Caleb in the hospital. Yes, she sneaks out a lot, uses the project for reasons to see Caleb, but it's basically lightly touched on subject. All in all the concept is different and a good read.

Now here is a little about the  author herself.

  1. How did you come up with the story?
I had some personal connection to a romance threatened by culture clash, because my husband is from India and I'm from Texas. I'd wanted to write something about a soldier and a Muslim girl for a long time but couldn't figure out how to make it YA. I was brainstorming concepts for a writing class and my husband suggested the son of a fallen soldier and a war refugee without knowing this. The rest was history. 
2.    Did you plot the story out? Or do you not use outlines?
 For the writing class, Nova Ren Suma made us write the query before we started the novel. I'd just had success with a query that centered around the seven plot points of the three act structure. So I came up with seven plot points and that was my outline. But the outline grew the more I wrote. So I started with a one page synop and as I wrote ideas came to me for scenes further in the book. I started keeping notes. 
3.    For writers, what kind of advice can you give them, what do you think is the most important thing you learned?
 The most important thing I learned was hands down the three act structure, but other lessons that I think are vital for writers are to be true to yourself. Find your voice, nurture it and use it. Don't mimic. And don't be afraid to take risks. Know that the industry is changing and don't ignore one option chasing after another.

4.    What is your favorite character in the book?
 Oh this is a hard one! I love lots of characters for different reasons. I'm sorry I can't pick just one. Mirriam is a strong female lead, and I love her for it. But Morgan is so okay with who she is I wish everyone could have a piece of that confidence in high school. And Gade--he's not my favorite character but I have to love him for the role he plays in the book that no one else could quite play. The decision he makes changes everything.

5.    Why are they your favorite?
 LOL. Sorry I got carried away. I think I answered that above.

6.    What kind of novels do you generally write?
 I don't know! It changes every time. A Missing Peace is almost suspense and before it I'd never written anything like this. I'm currently working on a novel with a definite Nicholas Sparks feel and you guessed it. Before this I've written nothing like it.
7.    What kind of novels do you read?
 YA Romance. Clean Romance. And YA not romance occasionally. Every now and then I can enjoy a cozy if it has a strong romantic subplot and every now and then I like a Nicholas Sparks book whatever genre that is.

8.    What are you working on now?
 Oh--wouldn't you like to know. LOL. A book about a boy, a girl, and some dark secrets.
9.    What is your favorite scene out of A Missing Peace?
I don't know! There are a few. Mirriam and Caleb's first kiss for one! I don't want to give anything a way so I'm going to be vague, but there is one scene in the book that is so different from what I usually write and kind of edgy that I love it. Not because of the event that happened (that was horrible) but because of what it meant, and what it said. And because early reviews are telling me people got it.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

'Cause it's facts, Jack!

Ten Fun Facts about me:

1. I want to own a koala bear. (a live one. Not a stuffed animal)

2. I love flowers but I've got a black thumb (meaning I kill plants) Sorry!

3. I went to the University of Akron, home of the zips. (It's a kangaroo. I'm not sure why he's named Zippy)

4. The people who name roads I believe some of them are bored, sarcastic, or just way too high to care. (You know some of the names you've seen. They are either really funny, stupid, or just make you wonder what the hell the person was thinking)

5. When I was little, there were only boys in my neighborhood to play with. Okay there were two girls but one was super weird, and the other really stuck up, so needless to say I was a tomboy most of my childhood.

6. Music is my one and only vice against chaos. (I sing all the time without care)

7. I've got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

8. My eyes change different colors, sometimes it's burnt orange or turns caramel and then green.

9. I didn't like books until I was in seventh grade and needed an escape from my dysfunctional family.

10. I write because there are stories that are in my head and need to be told.

Tell me something about you?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Postpone the matter ...

Usually, I can write a novel without a gentle push or shove in the right direction. Especially if the story is solid in my head. But this is for one story. I'm writing two at the same time. Equally annoying, and all this cluttered chatter in my head, sometimes I sigh audibly because one of my characters are doing exactly that.

Now as crazy people run around in my noggin, I must find a way to get them all out. So how would I do this? I divide up my days, my writing days half the day is dedicated to one story. The other half is dedicated to the other story. Seems simple enough. But I know what you're thinking, well how the heck do you keep them separate?

I outlined both stories. It's been a beast, but it's working. Also, with the outlines you'd think my writing days would be easier. Or that I could get my book done faster, but for some reason since the leg work or really hard part is done. The lay out, plot points and basically the Map from beginning to end it seems I've turned into a lazy writer. I'm only getting about 500 words down when on a normal write day I get about 1.5k to 2.5 K.

Thank goodness for my back-up or I should say my writer support. My writing friends Mandy and Courtney have decided to push each other on Sunday's we have a reach it or break it writing goal day. Every Sunday we tell each other what our goal is. We even do a how many words can we get an hour. And you will not believe how great it is writing on Sundays. I mean the push is exactly what I need.

How do you reach your goals?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

And that's awesome

I'm up at 4:00 am. Why you ask? Well in about an hour I'm supposed to be up, getting things packed in order to go this Triathlon. Fun stuff.

My friend keeps trying to talk me into doing one of these things. And I just laugh. Not because I think it's the most ridiculous thing ever. No. I laugh at the image of me running distance. HA HA HA that's so funny I could just pee my pants. I can swim distance fine, that was my thing in HS. Did it in college for fun. I can bike forever. But running, yeah ... I'd die. I can Sprint around a baseball diamond, but if you asked me to run a mile, ha ha ha, I wouldn't make it. I fail at pacing.

Now, I told people this, and some actually said well if you can swim distance you can run it too. Because they think it's the same thing. I try to tell them it's totally different. For me at least it is.

But this got me thinking, When people try to compare writing different novels in different age groups and genres and how it's all the same. And again, I beg to differ.

Just because someone can write a great MG novel doesn't mean they can write a great YA. Reason being this: Voices and actions must match the ages of the character, right or wrong? MG- you're writing for junior high 5th and 6th grade audience. They still think things like Farts, Burps and Turds are funny! YA - This is the older junior high student possibly ready for HS, or just getting out of school forever. All the way up to 17-18 years old. (But even adults read it, like me) We're not finding humor in belches, passing gas, or crapping. (maybe a smidge) but not so much in books. They want to be adults. Do adult things. Explore adult things, without letting go of they're youth totally. They're more into Drinking, Driving, Parties, Exploring bodies, figuring out things, and Life, from living on the danger to being so stressed about your future.
Adult- We've got way different sets of problems from youth. So the novels are going to be different. The language right down to the whole plot line. Why? Because we're not teens. We've got different things going on like house payments, rent, car payments, possibly kids of our owns.

Each genre is unique, and the same voice will not work with all genres. So when switching genres, remember research, and keep it as real as possible.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breaks ... Laziness ... and Summer Fun

I've been working, or poolside for most of this summer. But I've also been a little lazy on my writing. Which isn't a bad thing because during the end of August- June I'm writing. I can conquer at least two books in that amount of time and start a third.

But in the summer middle of June until the second week of August, I'm mostly a relaxing sort of person. I just want to chill. Clear my head. And type for hours without being disturbed. That's why I've been making a writing time schedule. Because in the summer, I'm lazy. I want to sunbathe instead of type. I want to swim instead of write a chapter. And really I could be getting more books done if I just wrote a little more. So, I decided to write for two hours every monday, wednesday, and friday. Leave the others days for other things.

How's your writing coming in the summer?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Change ...

My writing has changed over the years. I knew I would grow, learn more information, and get better at writing, but I never thought that in doing so my writing would end up changing. I can say it's for the better. How about you? Has your writing changed and if so how? Here is a sample of how one of my stories has completely changed and to be honest I love it.

 This is from the Original Runaways: 

 I’m innocent. I’ve had to remind myself this at least a thousand times, while locked away inside this damp, dark cell. My parents, all my teachers, hell even my friends thought I was a murderer. Why would anyone else think differently? Ten minutes. That was all it had taken for my world to flip. I had left the room and came back to a dying roommate. The image of Zeth’s body replayed over and over inside my head. Her eyes were huge and pleading help. She whimpered softly. I rushed down the hall to find someone that can help her. Her pulse was weak, but she was barely hanging on by a thread. By the time I’d returned she was lifeless. In an instant, I was tossed inside this tiny cell. My trial was the next day. Pacing was the only thing I could do without going insane. I heard water drip from a far corner, drip- drop-drip-drop. It was far worse than a clock ticking off in the distance, counting down the mere seconds of when I’d finally have my freedom. Outside the dungeon, I heard the sounds of wooden soles clanking against the stone steps leading to the cells. Two guards stopped in front of the iron bars with my best friend Derek standing alongside them. Everyone was safe from me and my powers because of the shimmery blue force field surrounding the bars. Derek’s sandy- colored hair flickered gold in the candle-light, and his lips curled into his famous lopsided smile; I secretly loved it. Without hesitation, I ran to him and pressed myself against the bars. The magic hummed between us, and it was agony to stand there so close, but I needed contact. He wrapped his hand around the iron separating us and I whispered in a choking sob, “What are you doing down here?” It was a stupid question on my part. I haven’t seen anyone besides my parents and the guards who brought me food since I was locked in here. It’s been three days since I’ve seen a friendly face. “Well, I was just dropping by to see a friend, and since I was already in this…” He paused and looked around probably searching for an appropriate word then he laughed, “I was going to say splendid place, but that wouldn’t be fitting enough.” Normally I’d laugh at his sense of humor. His sarcasm usually made even my worst days of doom brighten. Today, I must’ve been all tapped out. Not even a small snicker came from me, and his face frowned. “Summers,” he sighed. He always called me by my last name. “I’ve known you since you we were nine. There is no way in the world you did what they say you did.” I sighed and backed away from the bars. But he continued, “I know that. I believe it. Tomorrow you will see… everything will be fine. They will test your blood and you will be back upstairs before you know it.” I simply nodded. There was truth in his words. I told myself the same thing over and over again didn’t I? They would test my blood. One drop was all they needed and it would show everything. Every feeling, thought, action, and secret I’ve shared or kept. It would show them I just found her, that was all. He took a seat on the cold dark floor, and rambled on about what I was missing out. From the lunchroom gossip that was three floors above this cage they had me in, to the latest tests we had coming up in some of our defense classes. When I was starting to get used to the sound of his voice, and almost felt a sense of comfort, the guards returned to take him away. It was like they sensed me dropping my walls, and almost believing there was hope, this nightmare would soon be over. That wasn’t the case though. In fact this nightmare was far from over.

  This is from the Current Runaways:

 Mr. Weaver’s last words to me were, “Save it for the police!” before he shut me in this cell located at the basement of the school. That’s not the worst of it though. For three days, I’ve been surrounded by bars. The only visitors I’ve had are the guards who patrol the school at all hours of the day and my parents dropped by, a visit I’d love to block out. My mother sobbed the whole time. My father on the other hand was a rock, and that’s not really a good thing. In a cold voice he said, “They’ll test you. You’ll prove your innocence or your guilt. Either way, we’re disappointed that you even got yourself into a mess like this.” My trial is tomorrow. I’m jittery just thinking about it. There’s a leaky pipe in the corner of this drafty dungeon. The sounds of drip-drop-drip-drop seem to be my only companion through the night, well, besides the limited human interaction with the trays of food brought to me. It’s enough to drive a sane person crazy. Clanking of shoes beating on the stone steps, pull me from my dark thoughts. I’m exhausted and should sleep, but it’s impossible. Every time I shut my eyes, her dead body is all I see. How can anyone possibly sleep with an image like that replaying itself on repeat? My heart races with hope when the sounds of footsteps grow closer. Please be Fredrick. Surely, he wouldn’t leave me down here to rot like some kind of dangerous criminal. The only crime I’m guilty of committing was cheating on an eight-grade Physical Science test. He knows I’d rather die than hurt my best friend or anyone for that matter. My jolt of hope drops into the pit of my stomach as two guards stop outside my cell. They aren’t alone. Derek, my only guy friend stands alongside them. Behind these thick slabs of iron, everyone’s safe from my supposed killer ways. Derek’s sandy color hair flicks gold under the lighting. His lips curl into his famous lopsided smile, which I secretly love. Without hesitation, I run to him and press myself against the bars. He wraps his hand around the iron separating us and I whisper in a choking sob, “What are you doing down here?” It’s a stupid question on my part. However not one friend has come to see me. They say being thrown in the slammer changes people, and this might be true. In my case, this experience makes me question my choice in friends. “Well, I was in the neighborhood, and decided to drop by this …” He pauses and looks around probably searching for an appropriate word and then he laughs, “I was going to say splendid place, but that wouldn’t be fitting enough.” Normally, this kind of stuff makes me laugh. His sarcasm makes my worst days, feel brighter, but today I’m all tapped out. No smile, not even a small snicker comes from me. He frowns. “Summers,” he sighs. He always calls me by my last name. “You look like shit. You’ve got to get some sleep.” My eye sockets ache beyond words. He keeps talking, “Hey, I know you didn’t do this. Don’t worry, tomorrow they’ll test you and you’ll be back upstairs before you know it.” I shudder at the thought. Would they make me stay in that room again? God, I hope not. Slumping down on the cold floor, a straggled breath leaves me. There’s truth in his words. Tomorrow they’ll test my blood, and all will be right. One drop and they’ll see I found her, that’s it. What if they decide to punish me for the truth detector? They might hold me as partly responsible and I’ll still piss away thirty years of my life in a prison cell. God, all of this sucks. “Hey whatever you’re thinking, stop. It’s making your forehead all wrinkly. So, please…stop thinking. I told you everything is going to be fine.” “I know. But I can’t stop seeing her face. Those soulless eyes. Derek it’s all I see …” tears pour down my face, dripping off my chin. “Even if I do get out of here, there’s no way I can go back to life as if nothing happened.” Derek presses his hand against the bars. “What do you mean if? They’re going to let you out. And as for the other matter, no one will expect that from you. Only psychos would act like that, but therapy, lots of it could eventually get you to that point.” We both take a seat on the cold dark floor. He’s close to the bars. I’m close to my, what I’d call a toddler size bed, and he rambles on about the things I’ve missed. From lunchroom gossip that’s three floors above this cage they have me in, to the latest tests we have coming up in some of our classes. We share three classes, not including lunch because that’s not a class. “How’s Fredrick?” I manage to ask. Derek’s stare turn dark. This is a sore subject between us. Always has been ever since I started dating Fredrick. He says it’s because Fredrick is clearly a player at heart, but I don’t listen to his petty rants when it comes to who he thinks Fredrick is. “He’s just fine. Why? Hasn’t he come by?” I swallow hard. “He’s probably busy.” “Yeah. Maybe.” I don’t call him out on it, but I can tell there is something Derek is keeping from me. But we change the subject and time seems to slip away. I’m starting to get use to the sound of his voice. I almost feel a sense of comfort inside this claustrophobic space, and then the guards return to take him away. It’s like they sensed my walls dropping, and almost believing this nightmare will just be that a nightmare, nothing more. My life would be normal as soon as I woke up. That isn’t the case though. In fact, this nightmare is far from over.

The first version is actually what I had for my first chapter. The current version is actually Chapter 2. It used to be a paranormal romance, now it's a futuristic Sci-Fi romance. Like I said before Change, it's sometimes for the better.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm just not sure

First off, I'm so not happy with They took away my wonderful playlist. Grr! They changed it up to some radio thing. Yeah not that I don't love radio, oh wait, nope nope I actually don't. I love my unlimited musical playlist that sits happily in one of my cup holders. It doesn't interrupt me with DJ's telling me about some celeb news. Or commercials about weight loss products. I don't want to listen to that while I'm driving. I want music. Just like when I'm writing I want MUSIC not the sounds of commercials. But moving on from my playlist, and onto another thing I'm not even remotely sure about. Reading, Writing, and do you feel like sometimes characters all end up saying and doing the same thing one way or another? I was currently working on my rewrite of Runawys which I've got up to 11k finished. I'm so excited about it. Really, I think it just needed me to step back and retackle with fresh eyes. How long exactly was this step backwards? close to three years. I know, I know, that's a long ass time. But the beginning and follow through with one of the characters motives was NOT sitting right with me. It was ... lost. I couldn't dig through all the slush and pull it out. So, I wrote other things. Bloodshed Fires (still a wip, that's almost finished) Shedding Secrets (Needs a total rewrite and a lot more emotions added) Spoken, Currently working on sequel not sure what I'm going to call it. Point is, I've been keeping myself busy not dwelling or worrying about the work. I knew it would eventually come back. But again, I find myself stumbling upon that question. Do Characters all end up saying or doing the same thing one way or another? I recently seen in books I've been reading the male leads either chase after a girl, or charm the pants off of her, or automatically push her away. And for me, I want my characters to not like each other. I want them to assume terrible things about each other and use that as leverage of not being near them. Or even trying to get to know them. That's what I want. And of course something will change, one will either save the other, or help them in some way and then things will click. They'll begin rethinking things. I don't want my characters to talk the same either. Does this make any sense? Like I don't want the boy to be all charming and dripping sweet like a gentleman from the deep south, or from back in Victorian era, where men said things like Oh are you cold? And hands a girl his jacket. Or oh, let me get the door for you. Now, yes, there is boys still like this, I know that, I dated two when I was 17 and 18. Still, two out of fifteen isn't many. So I want the guys to be genuine. Real. I think that's why I love the mortal Instrument characters, Jace can be such an ass at times and sweet to Clary. But only when the moment is needed. Other times he comes off as well, i said the truth, you can take it as is and that's that. He's not there to win friends. And the reader knows this, but we're drawn to him because he's well, honest to a fault. What characters interest you?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Love for all my writing friends and Cp's!!! Today, this is a big fat Thank You! To all of you. My work wouldn't be where it is, or even half as awesome if it weren't for you. I wouldn't have gotten any requests or agents interested in my stories if it weren't for you! 

I seriously want to Thank all of you. Those who read my blog, those who go out of there way to help outline/brainstorm with anyone. You people are amazing. 

Here's a post about Spoken. Thanks so much Sheri. You're truly awesome!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Not ...

I'm not a skippy, peppy person however, I do love positive attitudes and manners. I'm not claustrophobic but if I'm in a tight space and people are blocking my exit my craziness kicks in and things get ugly, super quick.

So when I was mowing my lawn. I went down the path between the fences. I tell my neighbor, "Yeah I mowed between our fences." She asks, "Oh yeah, how far did you get?" My answer, "Not sure, I stopped as soon as I started feeling there was no escape."

I wouldn't feel like this either if someone "Ahem" meaning the people who live behind me wouldn't let their backyard look like a freaking rain forest exploded inside there. They've got weeds (HUGE) ones growing all over the place and over top their fence, which magically connects between mine and my neighbor next door to me. So yes we feel like the weeds are going to attack us back there. And whenever I mow I feel there is no exit except for the one behind me.

But this got me wondering, is this how some writers feel when they get writers block. Like there is no exits. No way to just escape the massive walls closing in on them. If so how do you solve this without going ballistic? Obviously you wouldn't want to throw punches at your computer screen or anything but how would one break through?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

BEA, NYC ...

BEA and my down load on it all.

I had a connection flight, and the first flight was perfect, no one was next to me. Second flight ... oy ... Dude sitting to the left of me was fine, Dude sitting to the right, total nightmare. He was rude, angry and Smelled, like really bad. I now know how Edward from Twilight felt like as I tried to take in air from the person next to me, in order to NOT breathe in the rancid scent of smelly guy.

Cab drivers in NYC are NUTS!!! No really, they drive fast, and with a I DON'T GIVE A SHIT attitude. Blinders. I needed some horse blinders. There was a Chevy Aveo next to us, and Cab driver was headed right into the lane almost making the Chevy, and my passenger door ONE. I was like OMG OMG there is a car right there. Cab driver laughs like I'm a comedy act. I'm lucky I don't have heart problems I would have had four heart attacks from the airport to the hotel alone. To top that off, NYC people are Wacko's too, Cross walk signs, they are like Oh it's red, well screw it I;m going and almost get blasted by oncoming traffic. Again they don't really care.

At BEA though, it's truly Amazing!! I got tons of Books, most of them are ARC's that I can't wait to read!
Books: Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles (So excited about this!!!) Hostage Three by Nick Lake, The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle (Read- Totally awesome sauce cute! Met the author she signed my book, she's amazing FYI) Identical by Scott Turow, Skin by Donna Jo Napoli, The Deadliest Game by Hal Ross, and of course all my Month9Book author books: A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa Basso, Gabriel Stone and the Divinity of Valta by Shannon Duffy, Sidekick by Pab Sungenis, Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather Reid, Praefatio by Georgia McBride, My Sister's Reaper by Dorothy Dreyer. I have more books, but those are being mailed to me since I couldn't carry them all.

BEA is Fantastic though. There is so many authors, publishers, readers, bloggers, agents, people in general that are 100% super friendly and way cool. There is so many things to see too, besides the great books, swag, and terrific stuff you can score, cover reveals like Harry Potter has a new cover design coming out and it's AWESOME!!

I was working for some of the time, and walking for the next half loading up on books. Which if you go to BEA, FYI bring an extra suitcase to load up all your free swag, and books you scored. Or be prepared to ship out your books FedEx.

While I was there, I talked with the Agent who has my full, and she was super awesome, and her boss spoke with me too which was like Awwww this is so great, I feel like I'm in a dream! And can I just say, I felt as if I were going to pee my pants at first, because the whole time I'm thinking I hope I don't say something Stupid or Offensive. I think my meeting went really well though. Fingers crossed for her wanting me! :)

Did you go to BEA? What books did you get? If you didn't go to BEA, but had the chance to go what are the first booths you'd visit?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Crazy week!

I've had the craziest week so far. In order to tell you about it I must go back to Thursday May 16th. My daughter's b-day is Friday May 17th so I was up all night making cupcakes for her class. I've never made cupcakes before FYI. However they turned out amazingly awesome. YAY! Friday I get most of my work done, then I'm off to the store getting b-day presents. So far everything is fine just super busy. So after the birthday party which lasted from Friday to Sunday, I was ready for Monday which is never like me. Monday's and I are like AHHH!

Monday rolls around and my daughter says she's not feeling so hot. Turns out she's got the flu. Ewww. I just got my house all put back into order too, so yeah this was like an AWWW MAN. Not only do I feel bad for her I keep thinking about all the recleaning of every surface I've got to do. And apart of me was cringing whenever I saw her touch anything. By Tuesday I thought this would go away but it didn't. She's still horribly sick.

Wednesday comes, and she's feeling remarkably better. I think OH THANK GOODNESS I can reclean. But that bubble was popped about hour later when the school calls and tells me I need to come collect my daughter. So, I do this. by the way the conversation on the phone was, "Her temp is a hundred and five." I thinking OMG my kid is freaking dying! Nurse apparently can't actually read the temp correctly because the slip in her hand says 100.5 but no matters I am taking her to doctor office.

I spent six hours between doc office/ xrays/ and back to doctor office, and the best they can come up with is that she's got a bad case of a stomach virus. Awesome. The whole time I thought they were going to tell me it was puberty which I'm so thankful its not that. But I'm sad she can't take any meds because it viral. Poor thing.

So for the most part of today I've been playing catch up, cleaning, and after this blog post I will reading, and gathering up all my things for BEA. In the mist of all my running around, errands and taking caring of my children, I did some querying. And do You know what?? I got a full request wahoo!! I am so excited about it, I jumped around like loon for a good ten minutes.

What's been new with you?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Query me

Query letters are a Bitch! I'm not even going to sugar coat it. But they are in fact masterful and can get your book in places you've been dreaming IF and only IF you do it right.

So what's the perfect Query letter look like?

Well, for starters it has a Hook, A snappy but well thought out entertaining summary, and an ending that leaves you with an Ouuuu! 

You must remember P's and Q's. Be polite, and remember your manners when writing a query letter.

Here's an example of a decent query letter:

Dear Agent, (Obviously not what I'd really address my letter. Mr or Ms Agent's name is the proper way)

I am seeking representation on my Young Adult, Sci-fi Romance, RUNAWAYS. (I'd also add in here the reason I was querying them above all else.)

Your Pitch "Hook"----->What if your blood contained all your secrets, like a diary, how far would you go to protect it?

Summary pitch "Short and snappy"---> In a time when juries will be replaced by truth telling devices, which not only projects your darkest secrets, but every emotion, thought, and reaction you’ve had throughout your entire life. And when seventeen-year-old Analee Summers is accused of murdering her roommate Mia Morgan, she must put her faith in her own blood to set herself free. But the court refuses to test her innocence using this device.

With the help of a snarky, guy named Brooks Rawson, she flees Winter Academy. However running from the law isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when the guy she’s with is more like a overbearing cynic, constantly telling her what to do, keeping her isolated from others and moving them from place to place. Analee desperately wants her life back and knows the only way that will happen is if she finds Mia’s true killer. But discovering the truth might not be enough to set her free. RUNAWAYS is complete at 70,000 words.

This is the part you tell them a little bit about you. What kind of things do you actively do, publication history, etc.---->I am an active member of the YALITCHAT writing community.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. (End with politeness)  


Practice make perfect. Also join a writing group ones that have query critiques. A lot of them get down to the nitty gritty and really help your query letter shine. good luck

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Are you for Profanity in YA, New Adult, or even Adult? Are you turn off by excessive amounts of curse words in novels today?

I'll be honest I've got a potty mouth and my characters well, they tend to have potty mouths. However after reading over a lot of reviews made for other authors works I noticed there are some people down right offended when a character drops an F-bomb. Says the words Piss, Damn, or even Hell. Now I'm not one to judge for this doesn't bother me. I mean I heard all these words and few others on the school bus at age five. Yes, my youth was forever changed when I told my mother at the age of six "I'm going to piss." Instead of saying I'm going to pee. Soap not so awesome, in the mouth.

What's your thoughts?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Are any of you attending BEA?

I am and let me tell you I'm so excited to be seeing all the authors I communicate with daily. As well as the ones I've read all their wonderful published works from. But not only am I excited about all these things but just being in NYC brings me a thrill.

So if you were to go anywhere where would you go?

Monday, April 15, 2013

M=My oh My

When it comes to romance what draws you in? Is it the steamy kisses? The love bursting forth that you can just feel it from every corner. Through screens, TV shows, and even books, how do you like to feel?

If you ever watched Dawson's Creek, yes, I was a watcher "Don't hate!" We're you secretly rooting for each one of Joey's conquests. First her all time crush Dawson, from their love of films, to camping out sleepovers in his room. A beautiful friendship turned more finally, after all these years of Joey pinning over her best friend. Then her romance with the joker/slacker Pacey, a person she loathed. Tolerated because he was Dawson's Best (Dude) bud, and they were sort of like this trio, and Dawson was the peace keeper between them. And yet, Joey slowly succumbed to Pace's charms. And we all silently cheered because it was one of those Awe they love each other. And they can be great for one another.

So I ask again, what draws you in? For me it's that person who can hold balance. The one person who can equal out the other without it being too weird or overly annoying. I'm a fan of forbidden love, enemies falling in love, the underdog. Yeah I'm a sucker for these.

Do I like writing about these kinds of things? Oh yes.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

L= Liebster Blog Award

So I've been tagged for this award from the Awesome Month9Books author, Vanessa Barger! Wahoo!!!

1.       What is your favorite vacation you've ever taken?

Ah this is between two places Vegas and Bahamas

2.      What is your biggest pet peeve?

Messes. I don't like clutter of any kind.

3.      What is the scariest movie you've ever seen?

The Rite, because it's about possession and it's just creepy. I had nightmares for a week.

4.      Name one food you cannot live without.


5.      Pirates or Ninjas?


6.      What is your favorite childhood movie?

Beauty and the Beast, or Mulan Loved them both

7.      Do you have any pets? 

Yup a Dog.

8.     What is the best piece of advice you've never taken?

Um ... Okay so like four years ago, someone told that I should read a bunch of books on writing. And I just started doing it.

9.      Road trips: good or bad?


10.  If you had to spend the night in the woods and could only have one thing to entertain you, what would it be?

My Nook

11.   Do you have any writing rituals?

I always outline with Post It's. And about 35K in a book I send over to my CP's and see what they think.

The Liebster Rules:
1. The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by bloggers.
2. Each blogger should post 11 facts about himself / herself.
3. Each blogger should answer the 11 questions that are asked by the nominating blogger.
4. Choose 5 new bloggers to nominate for the Award and link to them in the post.
5. Create 11 new questions for your nominees.
6. Go back to their pages and tell them they've been nominated.
7. No tag backs.


1. Sheri Larsen

2. Kelly Hashway

3. Shannon Duffy

4. J.L. Spelbring

5. C. Lee McKenzie

New Questions:

1. Think of your favorite character, got it, okay what's their favorite color?

2. What's the last book you've read?

3. What kind of music do you listen to?

4. Do you set writing goals for yourself?

5. Which do you like better Dogs or Cats?

6. Are you a Rule Breaker or a Rule Maker?

7. Brownies or Cupcakes?

8. Favorite Movie?

9. Name one book you can read over and over?

10. Name your favorite meal to eat?

11. Name your favorite character name? (It can be from your own works or someone else's)

Friday, April 12, 2013

K=kickin it

Bad Habits are hard to break. Writing ones, Personal ones, and Work too.

My horrible habit is cursing. God, can I curse. But I've been trying to kick the habit of swearing. So I've been replacing my words where I use profanities for other words. Example: Oh you mother of a cookie monster! --when I have some road rage. When someone keeps repeating something after i gave an answer: Oh holy mountains of hot chocolate are you serious? ---this has been happening a lot. 

It's also been kind of a fun word building experience.

What kind of Habits would you like to Kick? And how would you go about it?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

J= Jamming

Here is a list of bands I love to Jam to:

Imagine Dragons
Eskimo Joe
Adelitas Way
Evans Blue
Coheed and Cambria
Paper Tongues
Rise Against
Neon Trees
Radio Head
Death cab For Cutie
The Boxer Rebellion
Jane's Addiction
Sum 41
Linkin Park

And that's just to name a few...

What do you all like?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I= It is I

Okay, I must confess there is going to be 11 things about myself I'm about to reveal. So here it is:

1. I'm an author. J.Million

2. My birthday is sometime this month.

3. I love animals. My favorite is a Koala Bear.

4. I love to cook

5. I love reading

6. I love writing

7. I could spend all my time at a beach.

8. I hate snakes (AHHH)

9. I hate people who start a crap load of drama in order to make themselves the center of attention. you're not awesome. In fact, you suck.

10. I don't like forced emotions in novels, seriously people who say I love you just to say it in novels because you think it will have an awe affect to the book, it doesn't. If up to this point person was absent and then comes back and something happens, yeah don't pull the I Love You's...

11. Yes, my last name is Million (like the money) although people say it wrong a lot. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H= Hurry

What's the deal with everyone being in such a hurry? I'm guilty of this sometimes I get myself in a little rush to get a lot of projects done at once. Or to get to a certain word count. But the truth of the matter, most things I tend to rush almost always needs fixed.

I realize sometimes we set deadlines for ourselves. And sometimes when we do this, we're not thinking about the amount of work ahead in order to complete the task on time. So we end up hurrying through, and hoping it's all there by the time we get done.

Here's some tips to remember so you don't end up in a hurry.

1. If you know it take 15 minutes to get to a certain place, and you want to make it on time. Leave five to ten minutes earlier giving yourself Five to Ten more minutes of extra time to get to the place you need to be.

2. When setting a deadline for a story, set a word count goal, how many days you want to complete this goal then figure it out like so     x days/ y word count  : you'll get the word count you must reach every day to complete the goal. (what I like to do is give myself more days in order to meet my goal early but also, not put myself in a rushing mode.)

3. Make to-do lists with a reasonable amount of things on it.
example mine today:
1. write blog
2. breakfast
3. send RR email
4. answer emails
5. Clean house (living room, kitchen, floors)
6. write 800 words
7. Read MS's (2)
8. Make (3) files
9. Update (4) files
10. Lunch
11. Clean the rest of the house
12. Pick up child
13. dinner
14. homework
15. bedtime

Never more than 15 items on my to-do list daily.

Happy writing

Monday, April 8, 2013

G= Good Grief

Ever watch Charlie Brown? I love when he sighs, Good grief. Especially when he's talking to Sally. That's how I feel sometimes when talking to people who don't quite grasp all the things I do on a daily basis. For Instance my job(s) are the following:

I work for MONTH9BOOKS, LLC. What do I do there? I'm kind of like a gofer or the go to girl. I'm the assistant to the publisher, Georgia. Look at all these G words spouting through here. I'm also the Author Liaison which means I deal with all the authors, answer their questions and get anything they might need.

I'm also a writer. I write every day. Not 1000k words like I'd love to do, but I do write about 500-800 words per day.

I'm a mother. My children need picked up from school. Driven to events. Fed. Helped with homework. Yup this is all the makings of me.

Am I busy every day? Yes. I am.

Happy writing

Saturday, April 6, 2013


friend·ship [frend-ship] noun the state of being a friendassociation as friendsto value a person's friendship. a friendly relation or intimacy.friendly feeling or disposition.

I believe in order to be great at anything in life, you need to develop friendships. As an author, I have gained friends from all different aspects, fans of books, well known authors, Agents, Publishers, and people still climbing their ways through the publishing stages. I grow from these people, by understanding and honing in on where my talent is best served. 

To those people who have helped or touched my life to get me to where I am today, Thank you. And also I want to Thank my Blog Followers. I love your comments, and the face that you still enjoy my posts. 

And here is a list of my writing friends Blogs that I've always enjoyed reading:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


bal·ance  [bal-uhns] noun, verb, bal·anced, bal·anc·ing.
1.a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.
2.something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
3.mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.
4.a state of bodily equilibrium: He lost his balance and fell down the stairs. instrument for determining weight, typically by the equilibrium of a bar with a fulcrum at the center, from each end of which is suspended a scale or pan, one holding an object of known weight, and the other holding the object to be weighed.
verb (used with object) bring to or hold in equilibrium; poise: to balance a book on one's head. arrange, adjust, or proportion the parts of symmetrically. be equal or proportionate to: I'm always happy when cash on hand balances expected expenses. One side of an equation must balance the other.
21.Accounting. add up the two sides of (an account) and determine the difference. make the necessary entries in (an account) so that the sums of the two sides will be equal. settle by paying what remains due on an account; equalize or adjust. weigh in a balance.

This is difficult to do. Balance in your life, Work, Family, Schedules. I know. I've been there and done that. What works for me is to-do lists, and timelines.

This can also work for stories. You've got to have a balance, a flow of direction, and a solid timeline. Give a reader too much too fast, you'll ruin the story. Give them in spoonfuls but in long spans the reader will get bored and likely shelf your work. Balance make this is possible. So how do we create balance?

Simple enough, Make a map of what you want. Main plot, Sub plots. Where do you want your main plot to unfold? You've got to give hints to the main plot through out the story. Follow a cookie crumb trail if you will.  Sub plots where would you like them to unfold. These are kind of like little obstacles. put up your road blocks. Remember all detours lead to the point of destination where you need to go. Make sure your plots do just that, but are leading to the main plot.

Happy writing.

Monday, April 1, 2013


at·ti·tude  [at-i-tood, -tyood] noun
1.manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind: a negative attitude; group attitudes.
2.position or posture of the body appropriate to or expressive of an action, emotion, etc.: a threatening attitude; a relaxed attitude.
3.Aeronautics . the inclination of the three principal axes of an aircraft relative to the wind, to the ground, etc.
4.Ballet. a pose in which the dancer stands on one leg, the other bent behind.

Let's face it, as a writer our egos get slammed daily. Our attitude suffers, because we're told Don't Lash Out. Don't React. But we want to. Oh man, do we want to. I mean who do these people think they are? Well, they're humans. Humans with opinions. If you feel your Attitude changing from positive to negative try these steps. 

1. Breathe.
2. Shut down the screen or walk away from whatever is making you feel miserable.
3. Read or do something that always makes you smile.

Monday, March 18, 2013

And then...

Do you ever have one of those never ending days? It's like people are constantly doing that AND THEN... this happened or that and you really just want them to finish. I felt like today reading this book. I was seriously thinking to myself, Oh for godsakes get to the point already. And usually I'm not like this books. Usually I love falling in love with the words on the page. I love when something is so good you literally melt into your sofa. Or you know you're coming to that ending stretch of the pages and you're literally saying Oh man Oh Man this is almost done. Then when it is you're scouring for more, hoping there is another book coming out soon.

So when I got this book was good, but could of ended a lot shorter than when it did, I felt exhausted afterwards. And it wasn't the kind of exhaustion that comes from reading until a book is done. This got me thinking though, how many times have any of you ever found yourself editing a book you're reading? I do. How many of you thought, wow they really did drag this out?

When writing a book I know a few rules or codes I should call them. I stick by them too.
1. Don't write a bunch of crap just to lengthen the plot. If this happens my plot isn't strong enough to make a novel.

2. Make sure the voices are different. And don't make guys sound like your girlfriends unless in fact you want them to play the role of your best boy friend. (Think you know what I mean by this) Guys can be sensitive but they need to have some strengths too.

3. Make sure your timelines add up. I just went  through and listed classes in 45 minute intervals, practice times. Work times. Game days. Whole list of day school starts and graduation day. Why go through any of this nonsense? Because it's a timeline. I might not use all of this, but I'd rather know where I am then guess and go back and rewrite.

4. Read. Read not only over your own work line for line, but read and study other writers. How they capture emotions in their books. What made you love their writing? What made you hate it? And just try to come up with a list of things to avoid.

5. I know no matter what I write or how I write it, not everyone will love my work.

What are some codes or tips can we add to this list?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Are you into Superheros? So am I! I love the marvel comics, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, X-men, you're getting it. Totally Love them. That's why I'm so excited about are newest Book Birthday for MONTH9BOOKS, LLC.

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to SIDEKICK!!! Congrats Pab Sungenis it's finally here!

What's Sidekick about?

Perfect for comic book and superhero fans, as well as reluctant readers and boys seeking more male-centered fare, this young adult novel follows the complicated life of Bobby Baines. He's in high school, which is bad enough, but when his hero Scarlet Knight dies, he's forced to take up the mantle. Except Scarlet Knight never had to deal with eeking out a passing grade in math, keeping his fellow sidekicks in check, or stopping a giant squid from bearing down on his school and crushing everyone inside. After all, Bobby Baines is no superhero-he's a sidekick.

Find it  here and here.

Saturday, March 9, 2013