Monday, February 29, 2016


Hey ya'all.

I am currently moving things around but i wanted to let you know I have a website. Yay!

I will be uploading and changing my blog over to it soon enough.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

And things just got creepy

Riddle me this, why can we not thank people anymore without the conversation to turn creepy? What kind of things make a conversation creepy? Here's one:

Person says "Mornin. I'm a new fan."
As an author I think this is awesome. So this is my typical response: "Thank you :) "
Now, please tell me if this is weird? All I did was thank the person. Because I'm really grateful for all my friends. What I'm not cool with is what happens next.
Person asks, "And your only 17?"

I realize not everyone is a super grammar snob in which I'm not cause I can over look the fact they use the wrong you're. My problem is the fact this person is asking about my age. Why would you want to know if I was ONLY 17? But to solve this question is No, I'm not 17 and haven't been for a while. This however makes me think of the worst in a person. Like the creepy people I protect my kids from.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm ranting here but I have to. I want to thank fans. I want to enjoy messages from fans not flag, or keep people from me. But I must protect my family and friends. Am I wrong here?

How would you deal?

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Bryce releases February 23, 2016. Yes 19 days away! Wahooo. You can preorder you copy right now Here.

So while I am finishing up the final touches on Graham. Here is a small snippet of Bryce.

I’m half-tempted to drop this box and tell her good, because I don’t want to fucking help. But I catch the sad glimmer in her eyes, and damn it, it ceases all my asshole retorts. “Look. It’s clear neither of us want to be here. Let’s just get this done as quick as possible, and we can go back to doing what we love to do best.”
She stares blankly up at me.
“Ignoring each other, Smalls.”
We get back to work quietly. As we head out of the basement with the boxes, I decide to try and be nice, like Graham suggested. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be stuck with each other a lot if he’s making headway with her cousin. “So, what’s up with the ‘no one in your room’ policy? Got some secrets in there?”
“Everyone has secrets,” she shoots back.
I chuckle. “Ain’t that the truth. But you, Miss Goody Two-shoes, don’t have dark secrets. Bet your room is a picture-perfect, princess pink.” I nudge her.

She enters a room off to the right, and I follow. My jaw almost hits the floor. Her walls are not pink, they’re white. The way she kept her room off-limits, I expected shirtless guy models posted all over her walls. But there is none of that in here, just paintings. Lots of different paintings.