Saturday, April 26, 2014


Today is my birthday! So this post is all about Wishes!

1. I wish for good things to happen to all my friends

2. I wish for cheesecake as my cake instead of the usual

3. I wish for a mani/pedi

4. I wish for James Franco to sing me happy birthday.

5. I wish for sushi

6. I wish for books

7. I wish for a personalized Peyton Manning autographed football

8. I wish for a bike

9. I wish I could have an unlimited supply of writing time for me and all my writing friends.

10. Well ... I can't tell you that wish or it won't come true. ;)

Friday, April 25, 2014


Stories, Queries, and Synopsis's all need to have a vibe. A voice needs to be heard throughout them. A feeling. When I read a blurb I should get the Ouu this sounds amazing vibe. Or Ouuu I can't wait to read Vibe.

Sometimes I get this vibe from the cover, and the title. Then I read the blurb. Sometimes .... and this is sometimes I do this I pick out books from the library based on cover and title and don't read the blurb. Now has this proven to be a good choice when choosing books? Eh.  Point is I should get a vibe to want to be interested in it.

This is true for a lot of things really. Like when you're walking in a store can you tell by some people they have the anti-social vibe, or the slutty vibe, or even the downright um you are beneath me vibe. Yes, it's in their walk, talk, and even how they dress. Your own vibe, your characters vibe needs to shine through.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


When someone gets an agent, sometimes they're not sure they're the Correct Fit. Might be a perfect Cinderella Match for some but sometimes, just sometimes it doesn't happen for some. 

Agent+You = a unit

You+Editor= a Unit

Publisher+You+ Editor= Unit

Get what I am saying here? If you fight the bond that holds you, you need to break loose. If you find yourself questioning everything you need to break loose. Trust me. Not everything will be rainbows and slides of happiness with dimpled cheeks and weeeee's. But you've got to have faith, trust, and be able to communicate properly. If something isn't working you can't be scared to ask. There's a problem if you're scared to ask.

True story: When I got my first cover back from publisher, I broke down in tears. I mean I literally cried for about an hour. Now I'm not sure about a lot of publishers but mine actually asked what I thought and at first, I said I liked it. But I felt sick for saying that. I mean really sick wanted to curl up next to the toilet and vomit. But then, I said the worse that can happen is they tell me no. So I sucked up my girly tears and told my publisher what I liked and didn't like about the cover that was sent to me. And do you know what? They took my concerns into consideration and decided to change the cover again. 

I'm not saying you should do this with everything that makes you sad or confused or even a little upset. But after a few days hell even a week if you still feel upset or torn up inside about whatever is going wrong then you need to speak up. Because that's what the unit is for. You got each other's back. You both strive for the same goals. You're both on the same path. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tie me

This isn't a writing post. Sorry if you wanted one. Today I'm just so excited about my little one tying his shoes I want to tell everyone. Because seriously in parenting I feel like there is a lot of big accomplishments, growing up. Here's a few:
Baby/ toddler years
1. Crawling
3. Talking
4. Eating by themselves
5. going potty like a big person (holy shit so hard)

Big kid years
6. saying alphabet
7. Counting
8. writing letters
9. Reading
10. Tying shoes

Teen years
11. dating
12. learning to drive a car
13. college acceptance/visiting
14. graduating

I left off accomplishing the OMG my body will never get normal parts or start things phase because really for a girl that's not an accomplishment. Getting curves and a monthly bill is like being handed a curse that won't go away until you're old and gray by then who gives a shit. Am I right?

I am sure there is more in between there but still I am so excited my little one is moving through his steps.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Ever read a book and go ... Ugh! I'm so bored where is the suspense? I had this happen a few days ago. I won't name the book because people might like it or love it and I'm not here to sway opinions. I am however trying to tell you as a writer you need to have a smooth flow of things. You can start a book many ways, Action first, leading to a calmer get to know the characters, and climb back into some suspenseful event and build from there. That's fine. You can also start out with a calm relaxed scene opener followed by a WTF shocker and build from there. There is a lot of ways to do this, but just keep in mind how long the calm and relax setting goes, when you build to the shock. And even the action to calm there must be a point of process and evaluation on the reader. They must be able to say I hate this person love this one, and so forth before moving into the next phase because, if the story moves too fast the reader can't tell if they like the characters and none of them will be memorable.

I want to stay up reading not be put to sleep ;)

Monday, April 21, 2014


Now, I wanted so badly to have a little Reveal for my book Rival Love which comes out this fall. But ... since I can't have a reveal for my book. Here is a little reveal or should I say some awesome trailers for you to watch of books that have or will be coming out.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Query Me My Dear

Query letters are tricky. They require a few things which a lot of people say is difficult to do. Which it is, I won't lie, but once you get it wow, everything clicks and falls into place.

First. Dear Mr or Ms Agent's name. make sure you know who you're querying. You don't want to mistaken Chris for a Dude when she's really a chick. So get to know this person by researching their website.

Don't I repeat this Do NOT query someone who is seeking Adult erotica, and query your MIDDLE GRADE novel to them. I repeat you need to research the person. Look at what they're looking for.

In the query itself, the body if you will, you must ask yourself four questions. Who is the MC? What is the MC striving to do? What are some of the things stopping MC from their goal? Where is the solution for MC?

So here we go.

Dear Ms Decker,

I hope this note finds you well. I saw that you were seeking young adult romances and this is the reason I'm writing to you today. I believe if you were to love my book as much as I did writing it you'd be the perfect agent to help it get out into the world. (Not exactly these words but you get the jest)

Autumn Granger hates her neighbor Will Morris. He's the perfect, typical popular stud in the high school world. Girls would sell their lives away for just a date with him. All the guys want to be him. But Autumn can't wait for college so she won't have to look at him anymore. Because maybe, just maybe her heart will finally heal.

Four years ago, Will and Autumn were best friends, until freshman year happened. Will decided to ditch Autumn for the popular kids. Friendless, and stuck in the cycle of becoming invisible, Autumn finds more loners along the way. But it's Senior year now, she has her dream colleges all mapped out, and nothing can go wrong. That is until Will becomes a permanent fixture in her life when Autumn's brother decides to get engaged to Will's sister.

Autumn decides the only way to correct this problem is breaking up the wedding before the vows. But the more she sabotages her brother's future happiness, she sees the effect it's having on her own life. In order for her to fix all of this, is confront her real problem which is Will.

Autumn's Rule, is a young adult romance set at 65000 words. Thank you for your consideration.

Natalie Decker

Friday, April 18, 2014

Positive is the goal

Positives in the medical fields are most of the time BAD. But Positives in writing... That's good. Look people and I mean this because I've experienced it. Every writer has. People will try to break you. They will try to worm their way into your head and tell you how, Terrible your characters are. They'll tell you well so and so has a book just like this. They'll say well, you aren't going to make any money unless this becomes a movie.

These people might be those you'd thought would support you the most. They might have been your BFF, your mother, father, sister, whoever. Point is they'll say it's because they think this is a brutal business and they're only looking out for you. Maybe they are. Maybe this is them caring. But listen, they're also crushing your dreams.

If you think you can hack the rejection, or the waiting, the trolls trying to put you into a dismal place then stay positive. Stay focused on your goal and go for it. The worse that can happen, you try and fail. I failed a lot before my book got picked up. Seriously. my first book ever is some printed MS somewhere in a box. The computer that had that file crashed and burned. Second book no better. It's resting in a pile of awful attempts. Third, fourth ... My sixth book, finished novel is with a publisher. My fifth I self-pubbed. Point, I never gave up. I stayed positive and focused on the task. My seventh is a short story and is getting pubbed in an Anthology.

So it might take you five tries. Might take you two. Might even be 20. Just be positive, keep working and you'll get there.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


The world of publishing has changed so much. From query letters being sent in the mail, typed, stuffed into an envelope, licked, and stamped before getting a response. Manuscripts were printed off and sent out, only to be read and rejected or put into beautiful binding and thrown on a shelf at a Bookstore.

Then came along email, and we got to stop one transaction and do another, and yet we waited patiently for that wonderful three letter word that would make us all cry out "I did it! HA!"

But this world wouldn't stop changing with emails, it turned into something more. Books can now be found on these devices called Tablets and Ereaders Once again changing the whole industry all over again. Writers now have options. They don't have to settle for a no. They don't have to move on to another project. They can tell others to kiss their ass cause they'll show them. Hell they'll show them all by putting the book out by themselves.

And yes, it's scary. But the point is we're not limited to these certain options. Readers have options now too, we don't have to buy books to fill up shelves and buy more bookshelves to furnish our love. Nope, we have ereaders that will store books into it's compact purse carrying awesomeness!

So go on, explore your options. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Every once in a while you'll tell someone what you do, and they'll give you that "Oh really," look. Then they'll do this, "Do you even make any money from that?" They'll degrade you. They'll put down your work. But Never give in.

You'll come across a person who says your writing is "Shit!" They Hate you and every word you put to a page. They can't believe you got published. And might call you every name in the book and do it with some Shit grammar. NEVER give them the satisfaction of a tear or even spew they're hate for your work over to your friends. What you should do is read it, smile, and say "Your words don't matter. 1 out of a billion. I'm doing pretty F'ing good!" Cause you are! You're freaking awesome!

You might run into some prick you knew back in High school who was nothing but a total punk. They might pick you apart. Tell you what you used to be. Tear you down. Try to get you back to that person. NEVER take their words to heart. They are no one.

A rejection might slap you in the face. That's number 100. You want to curl up in a ball and Die. You tell yourself you suck and should quit. Everyone was right even prick face EX. But that's where you're wrong. Keep trying. Push through the bullshit and Never give up. I dare you. Good things will happen.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Move Me

As a reader, I want to feel emotions in stories. I want to be mad at the guy for being a douche and not seeing what's clearly in front of him. I want to cry about the sad parts, like death, the MC's breaking up, I want to ball so damn hard that I physically hate you for making me do so.

So Stop telling me, and MOVE ME. It will not only make your story better, your characters more life like, it will also make readers LOVE YOU.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lust the Love of Lunatics

You ever notice some people are just downright Lunatics? Maybe it's just me but recently I've found them all flocking together, ready to pounce on people's dreams and take them down the crazy train.

But I've had to get into the head of one of my loony Characters. Her mission is to capture the love interest of her dreams, but he's not buying her lust for love. And he's not in love with her. Yet she stalks him. Lies and tries to win his affections. However, Lies will never win hearts, Lust will never beat Love and Lunatics need to be committed.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kill Them!

It's hard. It's so hard to kill off characters you actually grown to like, for JK Rowling it was probably difficult to kill off Tonks and Lupin. Or even Sirus I cried reading those deaths and of course one of the Twins. It was like Aww my Ginger-haired duos turned singular.

Sometimes it needs to be done though. You have to give an MC motivation, or a reason to seek revenge. In order to do this something bad must happen to them. For Bambi his mom had to die. For my characters, well, her roommate/ best friend dies, and I'm going to Kill off a few more, but it will make her stronger. More willing to say F-off world I'm doing things my way.

But when Killing them, (Characters) do it with a purpose not because you hate being inside their head anymore or they do something to make you personally mad. Do it with a purpose.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jam It Up

It's no secret, I love writing to music. I have personal Jam lists, for all kinds of things FIGHT SCENES, Dramatic moments, Sexy Romps, And even those firsts Kisses, love, falling for someone yup ... So it helps me stay in the mood, or focus on the emotion that needs to be there.

My Jam list/ Play list for this blog is for two books RIVAL LOVE, and RIVAL HEARTS so enjoy...

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Picture this if you will ... The whole jumbo-tron proposal, everyone is all excited for you blah blah blah. The other day I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the prices. LA dodgers I guess your adventure cost 2500.00, Pittsburgh you're in luck 38.50 and you have your romantic gesture on display.

But please ... Imagine this if you will ...

A girl getting all giddy, shaky hands, full on gasp and then the WTF Shock face, "OMG! You're dumping me?" Yes, I am a terrible person because I actually want to see someone get dumped via jumbo-tron. Can you imagine it? The emotion, and then the OHHH Whoa! Right?

So Imagine things, cruel, funny, terrible, but put some images into your MS. Let people imagine what you are. Feel what you are.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hoping and hopping

Yard work is a pain sometimes. So while I'm hopping around store to Store hoping to find all the flowers I want, seed, and lawn care needs as well as the perfect stone for my garden path. I end up a little disappointed. It's not that the stores don't have what I want. It's the fact the dream in my head or the vision I should say for my yard, is not in the stores. Or is out of reach for a moment. Ever feel like this?
In writing, I felt like this a lot. With a lot of novels finished but a mass of rejections tied to them, Yes, I felt destroyed. More so, I felt ... like handing in my white towel and calling it quits. But then someone gave me hope. Someone told me to shut up and suck it up. Try and try again. And you know what, that's what you gotta do, Hop around with some hope and you'll get what you're looking for.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G= Gratitude

Most of you know I will have a grand Debut novel coming out this year titled RIVAL LOVE. You can find a summary and all that fun stuff right here.
I want to take this time to show my gratitude to everyone who's supported and helped me with this novel. Without you it wouldn't be where it is, and without you, I wouldn't have been able to reach my dreams. So thank you so much!

Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Finding your Fun

We all screw up. Failure is such a bad word, but do you know it takes a lot of failure for a success? So instead of being worried about failing, or rejections, or someone hating the crap out of your book, find the fun in it. Try to find the fun in your stories, or what the person liked about it, or one thing you can laugh at. Find the Fun. I promise whatever crap gets thrown at you you won't melt down as easy.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Effort

Now, I know there are new writers out there. One's that woke up, made an effort to write a novel and now want to get it published. Congrats. Seriously, you are amazing little wonders. I'm sure your work is even more amazing. Please don't let someone squash your dreams. Please don't let someone shred your efforts to be positive, or bash your work. Instead:
Make an Effort to say nice things, even about something you hate to read.
Make an Effort to Learn even if you think you know there is everything there is to know.
Make an Effort to purchase at least one novel in a genre you never found interesting. (Seriously, something might surprise you)
Make an Effort to read at least one book about scene structure, grammar whatever that is writing related. (You might pick up something)
Make an Effort to write, read, and critique with kindness. Because a little bit goes a long way.

Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Done to Death

Ever watch previews for a movie and go, "OH MY GOD NOT AGAIN!!" My friend and I both did this. You know those Step it UP movies? Well, if you love them, you're in luck they're coming out with another one. And if you love Moose yup he's in it too. I'm actually sick of these movies, along with Cheerleading ones "Bring it on" Ugh! I lost track of how many were made. Just like Superman, Hulk, and I'm not understand the need for the fourth transformer movie. I loved the first two HATED THE THIRD ONE! But this brings me to my point, these things have been done to death. But so has a lot of books. Can anyone name some books that have been done to death?

Does this mean you can't write it? No. But you need to make it different and unique otherwise it won't work. Because it will fall under that category "Done to Death" and No More.

What do you all think?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Complicated

You ever read a story and felt a little disappointed? Maybe the reason you were disappointed is because th characters didn't have any real problems. I've felt this way. Even when writing. I literally sat at my computer saying "This is CRAP!" And why? Because there were no complications. Nothing holding this character back from it's goal. Internal complications only work so far. Self Doubt, Insecurities and all that jazz, it only works for about two scenes. Maybe three. Then the character will sound like a whiny douche. (Never a good thing) So complicate things. In my sequel I added a fake pregnancy and some other fun stuff! :)

Have fun making character's lives complicated.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for BEA

As you all know, I will be at BEA! Please come by and see me, Thursday and Friday I will be at: Location: Booth PDZ638 Floor Plan and Expo Info:

On Saturday I will be at: (Booth Location 3058)

So come see me and all the wonderful authors I work with! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Attitude

Our attitude is put to the test often. Rejection letters, Changes in manuscripts, Editorial comments, and even Critique notes. Yes, our attitude is put to the test all the time. What you need to keep in mind is try to be positive. Make sure you take a breather before saying anything rash, or blowing up on someone.

This also means writing emails, texting, and any other forms of communication. Take a few minutes maybe even a couple of days. Because how we express ourselves shows in our words. Your attitude will come off in those pages, and maybe you don't mean it to, but trust me it does.

Just tell yourself : I'm Awesome! My Work is Amazing! I'm going to be Great! This doesn't make me who I am it will only make me work harder! - Never let things define you.