Wednesday, August 27, 2014

To note what isn't said

Books take time. They take patience. LOTS OF BLEEDING patience! They also take Dedication, Heart, and Above all They take self control. 

Yes, there are times when I want to say, "OMG you're a flipping Idiot!" But I must restrain my comments. Because opinions are just words, and words can only hurt if you let them. SO, this being said ... How to deal with comments that might make you mad and give someone a lashing to? Find one thing in the comment that is flawed and LAUGH. No seriously Laugh until you cry if you can do that. (This is how you survive everything)

How to deal with bad reviews? Everyone gets them. Every book. Not everyone will love you. Not everyone will love your book. Not everyone will love your ending. Not everyone will love your characters, subject matter. This list can go on forever but you get the point. There are a Billion somewhat people all over this planet, Just as long as someone likes it, you did your job. That's the point. It would be nice if everyone liked it, but it's fine if they don't. Did they read it or attempt to? Yes. Again that's your job as a writer. So High five. Eat something sweet, watch something that makes you laugh, and then go write. 

How to deal with endings not going your way? Outline backwards. Seriously, try it. Outline the book how you need or want it to end. Then work from there until you reach the place you are currently stuck. I was doing this with one of my projects right now. This also helps you avoid writer's block.

How to come up with an awesome title name? I'm not the best at this BUT .... I usually find two or three things within the book that could become the name. Example: Rival Love ... Skylar and Caleb BOTH love their schools. TOTALLY LOVE THEM. They also happen to be Rivals. When the two are stuck under the same roof ... The Rival Drives their choices as well as Love. So that's how I came up with Rival Love. 

Happy reading and writing,

Monday, August 25, 2014


My book Rival Love comes out tomorrow. For more about me, my characters, and what people think about it as it releases is all here. But Before I get into this I want to say THANK YOU to all who have read, will read, want to read, and have taking the time to post thoughts, comments or anything about my book. I truly do appreciate it. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is it really??

I am thrilled about my book RIVAL LOVE being up for Pre-order. So yes if you wanted a copy here it is : Pre-Order it releases on August 26th! Wahoo!!

I've recently had some changes in my life. One my children are back to school so that means a full 8 hours of writing with no interruptions! Oh my goodness, it is BLISS! This also means I've got some exciting news to share, I've recently finished not one, but TWO books this year. What? I'm looking on finishing a third. The one, I can't really talk about just yet but please know that good news will be shared once I'm allowed. :)
The other Book is being looked over and once it's picked up I will send you news on this too when I can.

Other changes in my life besides the awesome writing time, and school venture is my own personal Bleck  stuff. Which just means recent things that have annoyed me. I filled out all these forms for my son who has LOTS of Allergies and has Asthma too. And you figure you fill out the forms list instructions people would follow them and Boom! The issue is done, resolved, no need to worry.
Come to find out that's not really the case. Ugh. Such a nightmare. So I'm currently dealing with this as peaceful as possible. I'm not one to go tornado like in places and demand things but in this instance I was a little overly ticked. Have you ever just felt like you wasted time on something for nothing? That's how I feel.

How are things going with everyone else?

I recently uploaded a couple of songs on the playlist. They're kind of going along with my other stories I am currently working on. Scandal Life, This Summer, and Punch Drunk. (I might change the names to titles) For now this is what they're called.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My ... oh my

I'm excited! For a lot of reasons. Book will be released soon. I love Skylar and Caleb, and their story. I hope those of you who read it will love them and their story as well. Another reason I am excited, is my WIP is almost finished. I honestly, LOVE how the story races. Here is a snippet of it:

Dr. Helm’s wife couldn’t remember him. She couldn’t remember the love they shared or even the conversation she had the night before. The accident left her with short-term memory loss. Dr. Helm tried everything to get his wife back. She saw him as a stranger though, some man who visited her from time to time.
            Consumed by his desire to have his wife remember even the smallest glimpses of him and their life, he slaved away for years in his lab. A man on a mission that would not be stopped for no one. Finally, one sunny Tuesday, Dr. Helm created a machine to retrieve memories.
            But the machine did way more than that. And once the government caught wind of this creation, everything changed. Using a single drop of blood, a person’s entire life could be displayed. All the memories. Thoughts. Feelings. Secrets. It was all exposed. Society was purged from all lies and even trust.

            It was impossible to fight it. Many tried and failed … up until now.

All the best,

Sunday, August 3, 2014

What the what?

This is the epic month of months. At least for me it is. Tuesday, Divergent comes out on DVD What what!

Mini vacation to water parks! Fun in the sun. Who doesn't love that?

School starts back up so that means more free time, and hours of peace so I can work on my books and stuff. Yay! The only downfall ... now I have to get up early again. Blahh.

My friend's birthday is happening this month. In his mind, it's like that song birthday by katy perry, where she sings "I'm going to make it like your birthday every day." Yeah that's what he thinks about this entire month, Not just the actual day but everyday this month is his birthday. (Silliest friend ever, but he's awesome so I wouldn't trade him for another!)

And ... My book comes out. Holy crap! My book comes out on the 26th, eeek! (I've been super hyper about it too and we're still so far away from the date. Still I'm so excited!) If you want a chance to review RIVAL LOVE, please sign up here: RIVAL LOVE


How many of you are excited about back to school?

How many of you are excited about Divergent coming out on DVD?

How many of you have something exciting happening to you this month, and what is it?