Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Offsides series blog tour

Hello Awesome Readers,

I am excited about this awesome blog tour starting up tomorrow! Whoop! Whoop!

Be sure to check it out.

Mar 1

Mar 2

Mar 3

Mar 4

Mar 5

Mar 6

Mar 7

Mar 8

Mar 9

Mar 10

Mar 11

Mar 12

Mar 13

Mar 14

Mar 15

Mar 16

Mar 17

Mar 18

Mar 19

Mar 20

Mar 21

Mar 22

Mar 23

Mar 24

Mar 25

Mar 26

Mar 27

Mar  28

Mar 29
Rainy Day Reviews – REVIEW BOTH

Mar 30
Natural Bri – REVIEW BOTH

Mar 31

Lilly's Book World – REVIEW BOTH

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

YAY!!! Finally!

Hello All.

I've been struggling keeping up with social media, blog post, updating playlist, as well as writing. But now I have this linked to my website so it will make things a heck of a lot easier to get the blogging done, while also still updating everything else.

So, I realize I've only updated the playlist every month. I was posting blog updates on my website and didn't post here. Yes, I'm a terrible updater.

Here's what I've accomplished so far. Ready?


Kidding. I started a series called OFFSIDES. It's a YA Sports Romance, and it's been doing well thanks to you kick ass readers! Thank you so much!

RIGHT KISS WRONG GUY just released in January.

RIGHT GIFT WRONG DAY is a novella that released in November.


Phew. I am currently working on R.C.W. T. (If you can guess what this title can be: comment your guesses below)

Have fun.