Wednesday, January 31, 2018

YAY!!! Finally!

Hello All.

I've been struggling keeping up with social media, blog post, updating playlist, as well as writing. But now I have this linked to my website so it will make things a heck of a lot easier to get the blogging done, while also still updating everything else.

So, I realize I've only updated the playlist every month. I was posting blog updates on my website and didn't post here. Yes, I'm a terrible updater.

Here's what I've accomplished so far. Ready?


Kidding. I started a series called OFFSIDES. It's a YA Sports Romance, and it's been doing well thanks to you kick ass readers! Thank you so much!

RIGHT KISS WRONG GUY just released in January.

RIGHT GIFT WRONG DAY is a novella that released in November.


Phew. I am currently working on R.C.W. T. (If you can guess what this title can be: comment your guesses below)

Have fun.