Thursday, June 9, 2016

Vacation time

I'm like SO EXCITED for my Vacation! Seriously!

We did a little weekend trip during Memorial Day and it was kind of awesome. We went to an amusement park. Okay, I sort of have to say why it was kind of awesome and not completely awesome. So standing in line waiting for this completely amazing ride with my DD. There is this girl behind us and her friend. The one girl had on fake nails that needed filled but decided to rip them off. Whatever. To each their own. It was when one of those nails landed on my leg that I was like "Gross!" She spit her nail on my leg. Who does that? Then instead of saying she was sorry which a normal person with a soul would have done she laughed. WHAT THE HELL?

But you should know and be very proud of me. Instead of going on a raging fit like I really wanted to. I gave her a nasty look that completely shut her and her friend down from giggling. Then I said rather loudly to my daughter, "I hope if you do something by accident, even if it's completely gross or uncalled for you apologize to the person you may have possibly did something gross or uncalled for to." My daughter looked back at me and then at the girls behind us. "Don't worry mom I'm not rude!"

And this made me proud of my parenting skills.

Now hopefully my vacation will be relaxing, funtastic, and well, drama free. Umbrella drinks for all!

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